1. K

    PCP Falling Short

    So my 3 year PCP offer finishes at the end of this month and Mercedes have advised that the GFV set when the PCP deal started is higher than the car is worth. So all I can do now is hand the car back and walk away, through no choice of my own. This means that I have in effect been leasing...
  2. JasonIFA

    L falling off!

    Just noticed the L of the ML is a bit loose ie a bit of it is not attached to to bodywork. Is it ok to stick a bit of superglue on it to refix of might that damage the paintwork. Thinking about the old superglued tax and cracked windscreen jobby ie when the glue contracts. If so any other...
  3. B

    Falling for my E350

    So this is my first Mercedes, and it's a bit like my first Mac. Before I had a Mac, I was a bit 'anti', feeling they were overpriced and overhyped. I guess I thought Mercedes were overpriced, and you were paying for a perception of quality, which was no longer a reality. But I'm...
  4. flango

    Snow is falling, transport is failing

    Well we have 2cm of snow here and the buses have stopped running and so have the taxis, what sort of country is this? Is this another example of nanny state HSE? Madness I was in Canada 2 weeks ago at minus 28 degrees and 2 meters of snow and life carries on as normal. It's times like this I'm...
  5. Mike C63

    How do they sit like this, without falling?

  6. Giantvanman

    HELP! Sounds like the door's falling off.

    My Vito Sport Dualiner, under three weeks registered and with just 472 miles on the clock, has developed a rattle. A very loud one. It sounds like the right side sliding door is about to fall off when I go over a bump in the road (not speed hump), road imperfection……just about anything sets...
  7. Dash1

    “Car insurance prices 'falling at record rate”

    Interesting article this morning on the BBC Businesss News website. “Car insurance prices 'falling at record rate”. It’s not before time either. What are your opinions and views on this? The contents from the website: - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23474426 Regards, Dash1
  8. The Boss

    R170 slk door card falling apart.. best way to rebond?

    guys/gurls best advise please i have slk door cards on my R170 some of the door trim is starting to come apart. please advise of best adhesive to bond back together.. one card is loose from the rear, the other is loose minimal in the middle.... any advice appreciated
  9. Benzowner

    Bits Falling Off My B Class

    Hi all, drove down to Cornwall last week and noticed the trim that runs along the door, length of the car, the back bit, on the rear wing is now missing :( anyone any idea of cost or do I need to buy all three bits, do they sell them pre painted (I doubt that)
  10. M

    Are fuel prices falling ?????

    For the last couple of months the price of unleaded has been around the £1:39 - £1:40 around by me however my local Morrisons today was £1:34, with ASDA the same about 1/2 mile away. Are prices of oil really coming down ? or is it to soften the 3p government hike due in the summer?
  11. D

    W245 boot - falling off!!

    Wife was complaining about having troubles shutting the boot on her B - took a look last night and it looks like the bolt that comes through from the roof-space inside the head-lining has come undone and the left hinge is loose....amazing. This has to be the worst put-together car I've ever had...
  12. R

    Engine falling out

    Hi all I am buying a C-Class C270CDI 2004 and have been told these have a problem as the steel is corrosive and engine mounts/subframe rusts to the point engines fall out. I was under the assumption the Steel was stainless from 2003. Is this scare mongering or does it have some fact?
  13. M

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc...

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc... the buttons have cracked on my casing, However it still works flawlessyly, Is there a Fix? Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  14. ringway

    Just eaten a Kit Kat. Standards are falling.

    The Ringway's have just been eating Kit Kat's. We all noticed that they don't taste as good as they used to do. Not much chocolate taste, more like a very sugary wafer. I'm sure Nestl'e are making extra profits by skimping on certain ingredients but if people don't buy the product.. I...
  15. bpsorrel

    Labour rates falling!

    This sounds like good news! Franchised garage rates fall - Autocar.co.uk Do you think it'll apply to our stealers? :D
  16. altreed

    Prices are falling.....

    This is the lowest I have seen the mighty SL55 fall (unless damaged).... Link :eek:
  17. jontyash

    Front window falling forward W124 (New rubbers needed too)

    This must be a question that has been asked before so sorry if it is, but does anyone have a link to fixing an electric window on a 300CE Coupe? The window moves up and down but tilts forward as it gets 2/3 inches from the top, then stops. Also, the window rubber on the outside came out...
  18. Gucci

    Shhhh, oil prices are falling, shhhhh

    http://www.oil-price.net/ hmmmm, I wonder why the media aren't ramming this down our throat? Perhaps the energy companies are a bit miffed at proposed fuel hikes, or that good news is not what we want to hear? Why doesn't the Daily Express kick off with "GREAT NEWS, OIL PRICE SLIPS...
  19. SEM

    Falling Sand

    For those who maybe bored on a Friday Afternoon http://chir.ag/stuff/sand/
  20. grasmere

    Falling Sand mesmerizing thingy

    Falling Sand mesmerizing thingy :cool: Look at the screenshots to see what to do and try the different materials http://chir.ag/stuff/sand/
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