1. John

    False Widow?

    Caught this little blighter walking across our downstairs loo. I've had a look at other pictures of them and the little dimples / faint markings looking like the usual skull can be see on it's ass but is it actually an FW or just a different spider from the same group - the markings aren't...
  2. R

    PARKTRONIC false positives (E-class 2012)

    Newbie alert! :) My 2012 (212) E-class has a problem with the PARKTRONIC, the front end (usually just the driver's side, sometimes both sides) gives false positives. It started out as an intermittent problem, mainly in wet weather, but has gradually got worse and is now pretty much constant...
  3. S


    Hi all. i am new to this forum but not new to owning Mercedes motors. i have just purchased a 2002 c class cdi 220 automatic estate and it is going into a false neutral!! i have changed the oil and filter in the box (old stuff was nasty) i managed to get the car to do it today three times...
  4. WDB124066

    True or False

    A car designed well before the modern energy saver tyres requires less front toe-in when using energy saver tyres. This on account of less drag means less load on suspension that spreads the front wheels apart = less toe-in required. Silly nonsense or something to be aware of...??
  5. D

    Just found this. True or false?

    Economical with the truth? Ten myths about mpg figures | Top Gear My own experience says I never achieve the so called MPG figures, or anywhere near them. 16 mpg is good for me as I enjoy my car. I accept my driving style probably has an influence....but I bought it to enjoy. Neil
  6. G

    False claim - Starting legal proceedings against me.

    In March 2012, a lady at my place of work accused me of scratching her car. I left work on the Monday as usual, and upon entering a room on the Tuesday, she accused my colleague of hitting her car in the staff car-park, he went onto explain that he doesn't even own a car or drive and she then...
  7. W

    false 210 oil level warning

    On the way to work this morning, i got a red warning on the dash "Engine oil level - stop engine" :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: (I think it also said oil level low). It's never done that before. Stopped car immediately and drew a couple of deep breaths. After a couple of...
  8. R

    False ceilings and lighting

    I'm toying with a daft idea that my garage needs an overhaul. It is a brick built pointy roof one but a little dust settles from the roof on to my car and i'm thinking that rather than the two light bulbs that are currently in the garage, I should have tubes to help me polish in the winter!!! I...
  9. V12cat

    W220 False Alarms.

    My 2003 W220 S500L seems to have developed a problem with the alarm, or maybe the boot catch, which is triggering the alarm. A couple of days ago I left the headlights on accidentally for an hour or so. This was after nearly a week of not running and it drained the battery just enough to...
  10. Godot

    True or False ?

    284kqxLnEvA :eek:
  11. Alps

    w202 False floor for stealth ICE install

    ok guys im selling my false floor install that i had made up for the C36, it raises the floor by 3 inch`s enough to give clearance for compartments for amps on either side, I had it designed so that you can still take out the spare wheel and when its in it look pretty stealth. its all carpet`d...
  12. P

    Cheap upgrade or false economy?

    Diesel Tuning Performance Chip Box Mercedes C220 CDI on eBay (end time 12-Apr-10 07:53:46 BST) Is it worth the money? Anyone used one and what was it like? I have a c220cdi with 22k on it.
  13. ringway

    True or False. Mobile Phone and ATM Lifesavers.

    I have had this through on an email a long time ago and it surfaced again today. So with the wealth of knowledge amongst forum members I though I would post it to find out if all or some of it is true or not. I do think the second point would be very useful, if true. 4 THINGS YOU...
  14. W210 Fan

    £1000-£1550 early diesel W202`s - False economy?

    Girlie should be getting a christmas bonus soon and she wants to change her car, the early W202 250TD for example in a low spec has fallen into her price bracket, is this what the car is worth or are these a money pit, I know some members swear by their trusty old 202, are they this good? what...
  15. S

    False alarms

    i have had a few occassions when the alarm has gone off on our 2000 C230K, has anyone had any experience with this, and maybe a cure. It doesn't happen too often, but the instances have increased recently (3 times this month). Cheers
  16. Single650

    W202 False alarm...Help

    On two consecutive nights the alarm has gone off spuriously...Just once. To help me and my neighbours can anyone help with advice. A. How can I turn off the alarm whilst leaving the car locked B. What is likely to cause, a clue might be that I caught next door cat using the tyres as a...
  17. B

    Sat Nav Giving False Location

    Good Evening all - my first posting and request for information Vehicle is 2005 E220CDI W211 fitted with Command (DVD) with 21000 miles from new Due to take 'the Boss' to London Theatre tomorrow and turned sat nav on this afternoon at home address in Birchington Kent to programme Theatre...
  18. BTB 500

    Merc driver jailed for speeding past 11 Gatsos on false number plates

    Saw this in the paper this morning with a speed camera picture of the guy grinning and waving :rolleyes: http://www.kentnews.co.uk/kent-news/Jail-for-speeding-driver-who-used-false-number-plates-newsinkent3822.aspx
  19. T

    False sense of security?

    After the other day I'm left wondering whether owning and driving a prestige car is not healthy for certain individuals. I was tootling along (70-75mph) the M18 the other day, traffic was busy, road conditions good, visability good. I was in the left lane, occasionally having to overtake...
  20. jimmy

    False rocks and Shop Fittings

    Seeing as you lot are so helpful, I thought I would ask if anybody might be in the shopfitting trade and may be able to help me. I am looking at fitting out a new retail/wholesale business venture. I have a 10,000 sq/ft building, half will be racked out for warehousing the other half will be...
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