1. marty359

    Anyone familiar with Firebird C20 oil boilers?

    Been away for 3 weeks and I normally turn the boiler off but it loses pressure and takes ages to bleed and get running again. This time I left it on, it has a thermal store so thought it would just look after itself, got back on Wednesday and we had hot water for showers, Friday wife rings and...
  2. N

    Proud new owner of a familiar CLK55

    Yesterday I made the 500 mile round trip to purchase my new car. Many thanks to Steve for selling me this extremely well looked after car. I'm very happy!
  3. G

    Is this noise a familiar one? W204 C63 Coupe

    Last week or two I've had this noise on cold start up. Maybe 3 or 4 times. Click the image below for a video. It "sounds" like it's an exhaust type noise, metal on metal. Never does it while driving, only the 3-4 occasions on cold start. Anyone familiar with it, or should I get the exhaust...
  4. jukie

    Familiar (member's ex) vehicle back up for sale

    1999 Mercedes C250td Sport W202 estate towbar auto leather veg wvo | eBay Sold not very long ago by Guy.
  5. def90cars

    Sounds very familiar......

    I think we can insert suitable candidates :) Forum meet-up less interesting than expected « Sniff Petrol
  6. KillerHERTZ

    You look Strangely Familiar...

    Thought id seen that front bumper before... :fail E63 AMG: 4 Series:
  7. brucemillar

    Any vets on here familiar with dogs?

    Quick question if I may. Not a full consultation.
  8. M

    ml 320 sounds familiar but looks different

    here is the members car and ad on this forum http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-cars-sale/146230-1999-ml320.html and here is the ebay link Mercedes ML 320 Petrol, Automatic, Full Leather Interior | eBay guess he thought easier to copy, paste and amend than do your own!!!
  9. John_Doe

    Anyone familiar with sprinters and bleeding diesel fuel systems

    Long story short I've managed to disable my van! I was changing glow plugs and one snapped. So after all my cursing and removing much more then I needed to I finally got the bottom of the glow plug out. But in my ignorance I took off a fuel hose and let air in to the system. So after more...
  10. vealige

    Looks familiar

    :p 1999 MERCEDES C230 KOMPRESSOR SPORT C43 AMG Rare Spec | eBay
  11. comports

    This looks familiar..!!

    Not done a bad job I guess but no mention of it's CAT D status..?? Also so not Full MB service history or New tyres.. Linky
  12. W

    Anyone familiar with BMW engines - single VANOS timing and head bolt torque?

    Hi Gang, A bit of a long shot here - but worth a try :) Anyone familiar with the timing setup for single VANOS on a '97/98 520i M52 engine? And if you have access to workshop manuals or spec, anyone know the torque setting/sequence for the head bolts? Have spent a few hours today...
  13. Beetnik

    Does This Sound Familiar?

    When purchasing car: "And if you should ever break down just one phone call to Mobilo Life and we'll sort it out quickly, get a comparable car out to you if necessary, and get you on your way." The reality: 16.45 Bang - Diff disintegrates? - No forward or reverse gears. 16.54 Call Mobilo -...
  14. M

    A familiar face - THAT C126 Gemballa AGAIN

    http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/857395.htm Looks like someone bought it at the auction and has sorted it out. But at £15k, I wonder how much the owner spent? Didn't it go ridiculously cheap at the Barons auction? Darren
  15. P

    Anyone familiar with the W208 CLK55?

    I am looking for a CLK500 (W209) and have come across this CLK55 (W208) which is within budget, I put it on an 'seen on eBay' thread. Is anyone familiar with them, or actually has one?I am keen to know about their attributes as a daily driver? Are servicing costs reasnably manageable at a decent...
  16. nickg

    Not Ebay - but familiar.........

    http://www.classic-benz.co.uk/featured.htm# check out SL60 AMG Ref 7051 PS someone ring him up and find out the price!!
  17. Satch

    This sound familiar??

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1329362959167995041&q=tripod (Stick with it)
  18. S

    Look familiar?

    Those lines seem rather familiar.... and the interior.... and whats under the hood! :eek: http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=11887
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