1. Timster

    Just another Mercedes fanatic.....

    Baby boy timster the 3rd born this morning. Joins his big brother in Mercedes and general motoring fanaticism. Mother and baby well. Father shattered. That's another car to buy in 17 years then!
  2. J

    Jeep fanatic looking to change marque.

    Hi all Just signed up today as I have just sold my beloved Jeep Cherokee and am looking to move up to a CL. I still own a Grand Cherokee, and will continue to do so, and I co-run the UK Jeep Owners Club ( so I hope I can bring some of my experience to the MBClub. Jim
  3. S

    New member-car fanatic but first Merc

    Thought I would introduce myself as I just picked up my first Mercedes-a 1995 W124 220E. All 140 miles have gone very well so far and looking forward to some very "agreeable" motoring... I am a bit of a car fanatic and go by the same name on PH. Recently sold my "daily" Honda Integra R and...
  4. pluggers

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk; Small caption from friday's Sun paper. "Brunstrom brainstorms Reflex tests will ban 'em CAR-hating top cop Richard Brunstrom has a new target -elderly drivers. The Chief Constable of North Wales plans to stop old people." What about this eh?The...
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