1. wu56Shoozz

    For The Icehouse Fans Amongst us 2

    Just found this.. Enjoy, check the sound quality..gonna sound good throught Harmann Kardon For Sure..:thumb:
  2. wu56Shoozz

    For The Icehouse fans amongst us...
  3. L

    W126 V8 aircon, cooling fans

    On Sunday, it was nastily warm and so I was using the aircon. On arriving in town and parking up in the supermarket, noticed the temp gauge sitting higher than normal, not up to the red, but about 20° warmer than normal. investigation under the bonnet showed neither of the electric fans...
  4. A

    Fans running but no air moving

    I've got a 2006 R320. While driving on a long journey over the weekend the ac seemed to stop moving air out of any of the vents. The fans could still be heard and a very small amount of air was coming out. I've read about some flaps that get stuck? Where are they on the R class and is it a case...
  5. CLSMark

    Any Golf fans in here?

    Thought I'd mention the decline of a genuine megastar that is Tiger Woods. As The Specials once said " Too Much Too Young " Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  6. carnut

    For Fans of Aston Martin

    One of the best videos I've seen recently Aston Martin marks its new turf - with tyre smoke! | IOL enjoy!
  7. wu56Shoozz

    Land Rover Fans be warned...

    C510GVU is "Cummin'" for ya...enjoy..
  8. BAZ-500SL

    Why aint my twin rad fans working

    Hello guys, got a issue with the twin radiator fans not working, they are still standing still when the temp is at 100, the auxiliary fan connected to the belt is spinning but the twin fans are not working the car is a mercedes 500sl R129 1990, is there a relay can check I have checked all Fuses...
  9. P

    Vito W639 Double from fans

    I there, I am rather new to this forum and would appreciate your help. When I turn the ignition on both front fans come on at high speed and stay on. Does anyone know what is going on with this? Many thanks Pete
  10. gunning

    Any aston martin fans here?

    Went to see my father this week and he's bought himself another aston. The rapide is a beautifully made car and finding one in a good colour combo was tough! After driving it I thought it was brilliant (I was comparing it to my old cls55) It's an occasion but the exhaust valves shut...
  11. Druk

    One for steam fans.

    Found this on the BFI iPlayer. Shows steam from the early sixties in and around Aberdeen and Fraserburgh including several A4 Pacifics and 4472 Flying Scotsman. Watch Great North of Scotland Railway Films online
  12. John

    Ceiling fans.

    Who, if any, are the premium manufacturers of ceiling fans? I bought a Fantasia one a year ago and it is OK but not great. The motor hums a bit and it clicks and clacks a lot. Maybe that is par for the course but I'm wondering if DC motors are quieter for the hum... The cheap one we...
  13. S

    Ml55 ac fans

    Hi all Been watching a liad if differebt ml videos on youtube. Ive noticed that all these mls have fans on the side of the rad facing the front of the car i.e if you open the bonnet and look you will see 2 fans infront of the rad. On my 2003 ml i dont have these fans. Do uk cars have fans...
  14. Bleazzy

    Sl60 electric fans do not come on !

    Any ideas of what to check first , any help appreciated
  15. brucemillar

    Angry AMG & Timmy Mallet fans

    FRONT PAGE Major crackdown on supercar drivers in Knightsbridge deemed a success with no fines issued JAMIE BULLEN A crackdown on mega-rich drivers racing through one of London's poshest areas has been hailed a success with no fines dished out since the new rules were introduced...
  16. 5

    A few photos I took for you guys - for fans of the older and rarer MBs

    Went to my friends place the other night. Self confessed MB nut. All of these cars bar the 91 500E are his. He has another Bornite 94 E500 on the way... Beautiful 500E from the US E500 Limited with an 8 piston brake kit and retrimmed interior...
  17. Darrell

    Any boxing fans here?

    Wasn't expecting that!
  18. 1

    Hi all Merc fans

    Hello and welcome! My name is Raf and my car is w124 280te 1993. Regards from North West
  19. A

    Any other watch fans on here?

    I'm new to this community so trying to get my foot in the door to see if people have similar interests? If you have post them in here :thumb: My two watches are, A Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece in 18k yellow gold 1 of 350 which was given to me by an uncle. A Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf.
  20. DRBC43AMG

    Auxiliary fans W202 C43AMG

    Not sure is this is the right place for the query, but here goes anyway. Now that we have started a big heat wave which should continue over the next days, I noticed that only one auxiliary fan up front is in operation with the A/C engaged (necessary these summer days). The A/C was topped up...
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