1. AndyKO

    Fantastic! Now what?

    Just pulled back on the drive and noticed a nice new shiny puddle of some type of oil on my drive where I usually park! :wallbash: Had a quick look with a torch and seems way to clean to be engine oil??? am I right thinking gearbox oil is 'red'? I'll go soak some up on a tissue and see if...
  2. J

    Fantastic service at LTG Motors Letchworth

    I have been looking for a decent specialist in Hertfordshire since I bought my CL500 in September and I was recommended LTG Motors by friend with a W221 S500. I took the car in for a full service and inspection and I was blown away by their professionalism and service, not to mention the great...
  3. Pitts Pilot

    Fantastic bodyshop!

    Got my car back from the bodyshop today. If you are prepared to wait for a really professional job (2 weeks in my case) Dino Ciccotto in Wimbledom is your man. He was recommended by a friend, and I am delighted with the finish his body shop produced. They really DO take a pride in their...
  4. ioweddie

    1944 ----- 2014. Fantastic photos

    The cameras had to be in the exact same spot for the photos! 1944 ----- 2014. Now this is an incredible use of technology --- just like traveling back in time! Left click your mouse on each photo taken in 1944 and it will be become a photo of the exact same...
  5. John

    Another fantastic trip to MSL.

    Forgot to post this up - went to MSL again as my car is smelling a bit rich. Turns out the IC pump is knackered - no nonsense getting to the cause. Had rear shockers fitted promptly as well as chicken burgers this time! Cheers Acid / Sarim.
  6. Howard

    Fantastic old bus

    Loved these as a kid. For sure it'll be a money pit , but what a car. :cool: JAGUAR XJR-S JAGUARSPORT LIMITED ED V12 Not an XJS RARE ** NO RESERVE ** BARGAIN | eBay
  7. jukie

    W202 C280 - fantastic condition

    Mercedes C280 Elegance c-class W202 | eBay I watched this one earlier in the year. It's up again and being close I couldn't resist going to have a look. Emerald black, no rust. Just a couple of minor blemishes that are only noticeable on very close inspection. FSH - last two at SPR in...
  8. J

    Wayne Gates!!! Fantastic

    Hi guys Just wanted to recommend them. They done a great job on my wife's car Thank you for everything Jay
  9. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 250 td auto estate,heated electric leather seats,air con,fantastic

    Lovely spec (shame the seats aren't mushroom BillyW124!!): MERCEDES W124 250 TD AUTO ESTATE,HEATED ELECTRIC LEATHER SEATS,AIR CON,FANTASTIC | eBay
  10. camerafodder

    Fantastic Contraption

    I've spent far more time than I should have on this game, great fun! Fantastic Contraption: A fun online physics puzzle game
  11. BlackC55

    Fantastic storm pics

    Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana | Mail Online I don't read the daily mail I was emailed them from a mate. Brilliant pics:rock:
  12. Sp!ke

    Isn't the internet fantastic?

    I just stumbled upon a picture of my grandmother on the Internet. Strange to see my granny looking so young but it reminds me how great the Internet is. Thank you Tim Berners-Lee for giving it to us for free. Not many would do such a thing. :thumb:
  13. davidbilyk

    Fantastic C124

    1994 (M) Mercedes Benz E320 Coupe W124 E 320 on eBay (end time 02-Nov-10 20:46:07 GMT) :thumb:
  14. flango

    Fantastic Food In Ayrshire

    Just thought I would post this in case anyone finds themselves in Ayrshire near Kilmarnock. I have been up there on business today and was taken to lunch by the client. We went HERE now I used to go to the Craigie quite often when I lived in Scotland and it was good, but now it has new owners...
  15. jaymanek

    Fantastic Customer Service from Dronsfields

    As we regularly hear bad reviews on these guys, i thought id post my latest experience. Due to some variable service in the past, they are the last people i normally call for spare parts... I called them for some rear air suspension shocks... They have two on the shelf... Expensive but a...
  16. stwat

    1988 190 2.0l Auto. FSH Fantastic condition

    For sale- Mercedes W201 190 2.0l automatic. Registered in 1988 with 89K miles fsh (mainly Speeds Mercedes dealers in Chesterfield) . The car is a carb version, colour anthracite (which is stunning in the flesh. This car is solid all round in very good condition, used daily with very low milage...
  17. vijilants

    Fantastic Nissan service parts deal

    I just popped into my local Ancaster Nissan dealer to buy an oil filter to service my mum's Micra. At the parts dept I was then offered the following under a special offer deal, and the offer was soo good that I had to get two sets, so if you own a Nissan or know anybody that does, this deal is...
  18. jonnymerc

    new sl500 fantastic

    hi forum just had a great day at mercedes world had a test drive in a brand new sl500 soft top fantastic 5.4 litre v8:thumb: what a car all the bells and whisles you could hope for what a day it was part of there 2 day summer event trying to sell the old soft tops while i was there they did a...
  19. greggster


    Why, why, why!!! 2004 MERCEDES MD CLK 55 AMG AUTO BLACK Cabriolet on eBay (end time 19-Feb-10 17:42:03 GMT)
  20. S

    Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Wax

    As the CL is gone, I have no use for this wax (Dodo Juice Light Fantastic) as it is formulated for light coloured cars, especially silver (as the CL was). The current runabout is dark green. The effect is stunning - and while you get the odd looks when using bare hands (I know, I did not...
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