1. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  2. I

    Newbie, with a childhood fantasy car!

    Hello all New to the forum, you'll see me asking what probably appear to be daft questions over the next few weeks as I try to get my car back to it's former glory. Just acquired a 91 300SL 24v (R129), bit heavy on the clock with 160k but as I'm getting married this year I bought one on a...
  3. Happytalk73

    Fantasy Strictly Come Dancing

    Saturday night again and watching strictly with my girls. It's not really my thing but I love the excitement it brings to my wife and daughter. I join in just for them. So, daydreaming away I was wondering which 13 celebrities would you choose? Pure entertainment is the key. Construct a list...
  4. M

    Fantasy Garage - Money No Object

    As some of you will no doubt have heard, some lucky so-and-so in the UK has scooped the £51M jackpot on the Euromillions this week - shame it wasn't me but good luck to 'em I say. Anyway, I’m sure this will have been done before but for the sake of new members (and if long-term members will...
  5. janner

    MBClub fantasy shares league.

    How about it? Rules... A fictitious £10,000 to invest in at least three shares with a min £2000 invested in each. No penny shares. Game closes 31 Jan 2012 and we check out who's won on the last trading day of 2012? I’ll start Rockhopper (RKH) 1067 @ £2.81 = £3000 Forbidden Technologies...
  6. scumbag

    F1 Fantasy league 2011

    I have set up a league for those wishing to have a bash at it. This link FSPORTS : Free to Play Fantasy F1 Competition - 2011 and this is the league name MBCLUB F1 2011 - League Number 736 Password - MBCLUB2011 Best of luck to all.:thumb:
  7. W

    fantasy car insurance

    Played a bit of fantasy car insurance today. The Audi A8 and Porsche 911 look rather good value to me. But with only £560 between the lowest and highest it’s nice to have so many options open, if only the bank balance reciprocated 2004 Audi A2 1.4 TDI £309 (current car) 2002 Saab Aero HOT...
  8. dunker

    Mercedes Fantasy F1 League

    I have set up a mini league at the Mercedes F1 site. To join the league you will need to registe and then inpt the league details. League Name: MBClub UK Password: password Feel free to join..... Mercedes Fantasy F1 Game
  9. W

    Free fantasy F1 2010 league

    For a bit of fun I've setup this F1 famntasy league on: FSPORTS : Free to Play Fantasy F1 Competition - 2010 After you register simply join the league, League Name : League Number : 40539 There are 2 options when creating your Fantasy Racers team in 2010...
  10. 2

    Fantasy NFL

    I apologise if this has been shown before. There are a few of them.
  11. pammy

    Another Xbox question - Final Fantasy....

    Do the Final Fantasy games marked Xbox Live have to have the internet connected to be played or can they be played without being connected to Xbox Live? Although they are getting the Xbox - we hadn't intended putting it through the internet just yet. One of the lads loves Final Fantasy and...
  12. kjay

    Fantasy modding.

    Not much spare cash for the past 6 months, so I've not done any more mods or jobs on the car that I'd like to.:( I'm guessing there maybe a few in a similar position or just been sensible and holding on to their cash for a while. So, I thought it might be a bit of fun to see what we all would...
  13. L

    Fantasy Premier League 08/09

    The FPL is open again for registrations! Registering a team is free. Al's league is back up and running and you can join the league using the link and code below: Code to join this league: 290-174 Look forward to seeing some fellow MBclub members in the...
  14. GRAV888

    MBClub fantasy roadrace.

    As some of us do the fantasy F1, I thought we could also do a fantasy roadrace (as there are a few bikers and fans here) that covers MotoGP, World superbikes, British superbikes and a lot more, all in one hit. If anyone is interested, register HERE. League name PM me for...
  15. L

    MBCLUB Fantasy F1 2007

    Just to make sure everyone spots this, could a kind Mod'ie type please make this sticky and unsticky last years. Here we go then PEEPs, 2007 and a new league has been set up League name MBClub 2007 Series Please PM me for the password Lets see...
  16. L

    MB CLUB Fantasy Formula1

    Hi All Following on from another thread I thought I would set up an MBclub league on Feel free to sign up and we can have a bit of banter during the season (be a lot more exciting than the actual racing!) The league is private so drop me a PM and I...
  17. mickl

    Fantasy car buying

    following on from sportcouperich's thread on buying a 5 series. if you had a hypothetical budget of £25k, what car/cars would you buy? I'll start: 2ndhandLotus Elise for weekend fun an older Merc W124/W202 for daily work and commute. anything left over, spend it on tyres and track...
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