1. M

    Farewell for now...

    4 years on and 40k later I've sold my 2005 CLK 320 CDI. I already regret selling it, but I got my asking price. It's one of the best cars I've had the pleasure to own and drive. Reliable - and pulls like a train. Loaded with features from Xenon, COMAND, elec mem heated seats...
  2. C240Sport97

    Farewell, my wonderful CLS55

    I can’t believe it, my CLS55 is gone. The man who bought it (and the first person to view it) is a lurker on here, and may decide to reveal himself. I have been dreading this day; I have tried to avoid this day for 3 years; and yet I have let it go. Deep down, in my heart, this is not the...
  3. Harrythedog

    Farewell to a true sporting legend

    Johnny Wilkinson played his last pro game today scoring 15 points in his side's 18-10 win. A real legend in sport, thanks for the memories Johnny and enjoy the rest of your life. Who can forget that drop goal in 2003?
  4. J

    Farewell new car (after 400 miles)

    Purchased a brand new C220 CDi Sport 125 Ed just before new year. On driving away from the dealers i got a warning light (rear indicator drivers side). Took it back to the dealers after the new year and they promptly put me in a hire car. Initially they said it was software related then said...
  5. A170 Blue

    Farewell to All!

    I have owned my Mercedes A180 Avantgarde for just under two years. As you may remember I fractured my left (Clutch) ankle last July and was unable to drive my car for nearly 4 months My ankle has repaired but is still causing me quite a lot of discomfort after driving any great distances in...
  6. Anil

    Farewell to my W203

    After two years of ownership the C Class has been sold. With the recent arrival of our third child the back seat of the C Class was not capable of accommodating an infant seat and two booster seats. After evaluating the options, we opted for a Honda FR-V (photos will be posted in the...
  7. Doodle

    Farewell GSA

    The GSA has served me well over the last 18 months, but is no longer really suited to my needs; it's best to move on before I ask for more than it can give and end up stacking it. So unless someone pipes up saying they want it, it'll be p/x'd for one of these in the next month. :D:D:D
  8. B

    a fond farewell

    7 benz in 15 years & its over , life without the star, will i regret it ? i know i,l be back but not sure what or when , always buy 3yr old & run for 2/3 yrs but after trying 3 main dealers for E class estates i was insulted by them all with trade in figure for my 2002 E240 , this coupled with...
  9. Hanzz

    Just A Farewell...

    Here's a few parting pictures for my Mercedes E280 Estate, :( Will be greatly missed :( :( :(
  10. R

    Thanks and farewell

    Folks I will no longer be frequenting this forum as my Mercedes ownership has come to an end. I've finally sold both the E55 and 911 to make way for a cracking american import. Many thanks to all those who have helped with posts etc. This has been and I'm sure still is a very useful club and...
  11. Big Jim

    Farewell and thanks

    Hi Guys and Girls, I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for their help and guidance, before I leave tomorrow for a sunnier climate. I've not been around that much but I've enjoyed my time on this excellent forum!! I didn't manage to sell the CLK, so she'll remain in the garage...
  12. Madferrit

    Final farewell to Rover

    Saw this on another forum. Pics of the remains of the Longbridge plant. Rover Longbridge Plant
  13. V

    Farewell Audi, Welcome Merc

    I have been considering changing my miley but utterly reliable Audi A6 2.5 tdi for a Merc for a while, no great panic but with limited funds swapping one reliable old car for an unknown but still secondhand one seemed a risk not worth rushing into. However I did the deal today and could not...
  14. B

    Farewell Mercedes...

    After 6 months of owning my first M-B, a new C-Class, I have sold it. I heard the rumours about the suspect build quality. But I thought I'd ignore them and put my money where my mouth is. I was a fool. 1. Poor bonnet alignment on delivery. 2. Poor bodywork panel finish. 3. Visible...
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