1. grober

    Forked by farmer.

    Apparently you don't want to abandon your car in rural Leicestershire.:eek: Get off my Land! Snow-bound car forked by farmerTrending now | MSN News UK
  2. DSM10000

    Farmer removes "travellers"!

    I have the highest regard for this gentleman. He did not flinch in standing up for himself and getting the free loading "travellers" off his land:thumb: I wonder if the Police charged any of them with criminal damage? They cut through a steel gate to get on to the land. BBC News - Sussex...
  3. Godot

    An Irish Farmer Writes

    An Irish Farmer Writes Hello Mr Englishman I trust your eurosceptic disposition is feeling well and truly tickled at the moment. I'm finding it hard not to break into a chorus of 'Here we go,here we go, here we go'... But the funniest thing of all is that after being told for years...
  4. 230K

    Farmer buys E Class. Farmer sells cow to dealer.

    Hi Hope you can all read this? Made me chuckle.
  5. A

    happy birthday Rob Farmer

    another year older eh? have a good one Andy and annie
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