1. coalville126

    210 estate tailgate trim fasteners

    Finally tackled a blown reverse light bulb which was bugging me and noticed someone ham-fisted had been there before. I need replacements for the push-fit rivet fasteners and was wondering if anyone has the part numbers. I would normally look up the EPC, but my new Windows 8 PC refuses to...
  2. M1 KRX

    Underside protection fasteners (help please)

    This is difficult to describe but on my driver side two of the plastic fasteners that hold the protection cover on to the underside of the car are are missing. Does anyone know what they are, clips or simple plastic nuts? if they are nuts then what's the tread size. Thanks in advance.
  3. mercedesmanleed

    car mat snap fasteners

    snap fastenerss do dealers sell these seperate or do they only come with mats
  4. J

    W202 Squeaky Seat Belt Fasteners

    Hi Guys, My seat belt fasteners on my W202 tend to squeak a lot when the car is in motion. Is there any way to stop this? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  5. scruffy


    as a service to club members, my company sells fasteners and fixings primarily for construction but we do source all kinds of weird stuff for auto and engineering (particularly stainless) so if anyone is struggling for nuts, bolts or anything strange let me know and we'll do our best to help...
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