1. Palfrem

    Very Full Fat 4.2 SC 58 reg Range Rover

    I may well have found a suitable G Wagen. Therefore, my RR VSE needs to be sold within about three weeks or so. It's on 52400 with FLRSH and about 6 months or so of LR Warranty remaining. MOT around Sept 2016 I think Tyres all good Pirelli Scorpions. Full sized spare. New battery about...
  2. Peter103

    Chip Fat For Diesels?

    There's an Eco fuel station near me selling cooking oil at £1=12 a litre, our local high street garage sells Diesel for 99.5 a litre. Its a funny old world. :doh:
  3. D

    Full Fat Range Rover - 3 months on

    For many years I've longed for a Range Rover with no rational reasoning behind this. This is complicated by my work mileage making ownership of such a beast impractical. In May I finally found a way round this, and the wife now drives a Range Rover :) The car that I bought was a 2005...
  4. brucemillar

    Gout - Not just for comedic red nosed fat folk

    Woke up last night from a great sleep. Agony in my right foot and I do mean agony. it felt like somebody had set fire to my big toe while crushing it in a vice. I would describe this a screaming toothache for the foot. No sleep to be had. Even having a light bed sheet touch my foot hurt...
  5. sinewave

    Fat 'Mechanic' on Watchdog!

    Class act! :rolleyes:
  6. poormansporsche

    Fat family have no shame .....

    Excuse my rant ... I have a family of Golikelys living on the flat above my shop I let it slide when I had to change the beds after they broke them being too fat (several times) I let it slide when I had to change the settee after they broke it due to being so fat I let it slide...
  7. Fat Freddie

    Fat Freddie's car

    Been meaning to take a few snaps of my new (to me!) '96 320E so today I grabbed my camera before I went out. Not as clean as it could be but I'm happy enough with the results given the impromptu nature of them. :)
  8. M

    Xbox 360 arcade (WHITE ONE) & OR PS3 FAT

    £50 complete xbox 360 arcade with leads... OR £100 for a PS3 FAT console... controllers & games available at cost... CHEERS MERRY XMAS
  9. M

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible RARE!!

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible, with 4 usb slots & combined card reader, very RARE!! £150 posted... OR your welcome to collect in person... VERY good condition Low miles, & taken care off, fans regularly cleaned for dust issues...
  10. Ade B

    Fat Chaffinch

    Little beggar has emptied the contents of my bird feeder onto the lawn in a number of days presumably sifting through the mixed seed to get to the bits he likes - any ornothologically minded folk advise on suitable chaffinch food, would like to keep him (and the other garden visitors) around but...
  11. E CLASS

    The Awkward Moment When Your Friends Fat Arm Makes You Look Naked

    Was sent this and thought it was pretty freaky!
  12. L

    new fat kid......

    Im the new fat kid in the class......poke fun all you like!:rock: i have just bought a CLK 320 from Jay Manek at http://www.mercland.com cant pick it up till middle of next week and its killing me. Swapped to MB after a big highside on my Suzuki GSXR breaking my leg in two places and multiple...
  13. Godot

    It aint over until the Fat Lady Sings

    Opera singers disguised as shopkeepers were selling produce at various stalls last month at the central market in Valencia, Spain. Suddenly Verdi's Il Travatore started playing over the loudspeakers, and watch what happened. Ds8ryWd5aFw:thumb: Wish it would happen here !
  14. robert.saunders

    Scumbag says I'm fat

    This was taken at a wedding last weekend. Borderline drunk I accede; fat? You decide
  15. Martin clk

    Please sponsor this fat boy

    Dont worry, I'm talking about myself. I'm currently 20st and doing a sponsored slim throughout 2008 which includes a 10k run. Please visit the site I've created for this challenge which tells you more about my story, feel free to make a donation. I'm raising money for Multiple Sclerosis as...
  16. PaulE230

    Post a photo of you and your benz! Here's big fat me needing a hair cut!

  17. Koolvin

    'Broadband Hero' gets his fat pipe

    Source: Silicon.com
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