1. grumpyoldgit

    Father coaxes son into stealing back car he sold two years earlier.

    A word of warning if your Mercedes came with only one key. Get the missing key removed from the cars system with STAR. Father coaxes son into stealing back car he sold two years earlier « Express & Star
  2. S

    Hayelp! - Father has purchased a 78 350sl unseen

    Morning folks and apologies for my first post being a cry for help. I have no idea what has happened but my elderly father has joined ebay and in the very same day purchased a 1978 350 sL - old folk, can't trust them hey?:doh:. He has been after one from the sixties for years but ofcourse...
  3. Crazyfool

    Father Christmas message

    I know I know it's only November, but your kids will love this. I've used it (via the Internet rather than the app) for the past few years and it's great. I've even selected the naughty option when I've wanted to get the boys back in line, then created another video with a 'good' video...
  4. P

    Father and son purchase.......

    My son Tim and I have just aquired a 1999 106,000 mile W210 E55 AMG Avantgarde. It's a bit rusty but was cheap enough, and we will restore it. Everything works bar the air con, and it goes like stink.:devil: My lad wanted to buy an Audi A5 on finance, but I showed him the Benz and he was...
  5. M

    Two year old kid takes father's Mercedes C-Class for a joyride

    What is this kid going to do when he is a teen? Witnesses say they spotted a silver estate car "shoot out of its parking space and hit a post", but thankfully the child didn't suffer any injuries. 4 pictures and article .
  6. The Boss

    W222 - new s class totally revealed

    Yes boys and Yes Girls.. here it is.. and you know what.. i am liking it.. enjoy this automotive moment.. wow
  7. Aerialmark

    My Father

    I hope you do not mind but I would just like to announce the passing of my my father Jack Graham. He died on Tuesday 23rd October aged 90. He was a Coldstream guardsman who fought in the second world war and survived the D-day landings so we might live to have the choice of weather or not we...
  8. D

    Buying MB for my father but which one?

    Hi :) Last time I bought a car....I bought it first and then found a forum. Therefore this time will try it the other way round. I am helping my father buy a mercedes benz but I would greatly appreciate your help in finding the right one and what to look out for. Budget – 20k Choices...
  9. LTD

    Proud Father moment ...

    Tomorrow I shall be attending my eldest daughter's graduation as B. Ed (Hons). She will become a Primary School teacher. I will have a couple of tears in my eyes. Firstly, as she receives her diploma and then as I pay the bill for the big family meal tomorrow evening. Worth every penny...
  10. ShinyF1

    Cheap Car for Father in Law - advice please

    Hello all My father in law has just had his 10 year old automatic Bora written off when parked and needs a replacement. He has an impending issue with his vision that he knows will take him off the road sooner rather than later and he is adjusting his life to cope with not driving [he only...
  11. B

    Like waiting for Father Christmas

    Is it normal for a 51 year old to be exited at the thought of my new, broken, non running, first ever Mercedes to arrive by transporter tomorrow? We are not talking about a new car here. This is a 12 year old, moderate mileage 'banger' to all intents and purposes. But, like a kid on Christmas...
  12. carnut

    The Father of the Bride needs help

    The Father of the Bride needs help!;) My daughter is getting married in the Mortlake/Richmond area of South London on 11 June next year and she has tasked me with getting an S Class Merc ( of course) for the afternoon to take her to the Church and then on to the reception Does anyone on...
  13. glojo

    Father pierre's car

    I have just looked at the pictures of Fatherpierre's car. Very nice and could you please give us some more details Regards John
  14. simonl

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned......

    Forget the E55, I want one of these babies........... :devil: I think this looks amazing! I certainly hope the real thing looks as good. <puts asbestos coat on>
  15. Guy

    Dear Father Christmas...

    Please can I have one of these, if you're out of SL55's? :rolleyes: SL 600 twin turbo And for all my pals at MBclub UK, tickets to South africa, and a booking here - Next MB club GTG? Well you can only ask... :cool: :cool:
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