1. D

    E350 Estate Auto W212 Suspension fault & Bonnet open issue

    Good evening, Having collected my rather stunning MB E350 Estate Auto the jam has been removed from my donut.... I found it sat on its rear arches in the morning and returns to driving height in a staggering 20 seconds 1st issue! Then I opened the bonnet to check out the power centre and...
  2. S

    P02f0 fault code

    Hi all i am a new member amd also new to mercs and after picking my new one up today i get back and do a fault code check on it to find it has a fault code of P02F0 cylinder injector circuit performance 3 i had cleared it and its come straight back, there isnt a light on the dash or anything...
  3. F

    Fault code c2359 can it be cleared?

    I recently had SBC problems with my cls55 amg. my original pump had an internal fault so I sourced a pump with the same part no. As my own and the said pump had been "reconditioned" with the counter set to 0. After spending hours fitting the new pump and bleeding the system I was getting the...
  4. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  5. design guru

    Fault Codes

    I am not sure if this has been posted but I found it very useful. https://w220.ee/M-B_Fault_Error_Codes/Diagnostic_Trouble_Codes_(DTC)
  6. K

    Can anyone recommend the best reasonably priced fault code reader

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on the best fault code kit under £250. I guess you can't get to star capability but it would be good to get the best for the bugdet. Thanks
  7. H

    Fault code 9377

    Can anyone tell me how to how to fix , code from S**R Machine reading.:confused: Cheers Hog
  8. I

    Vito w639 fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground

    Hi any help please my vito is coming up with fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground changed she still same so now I have had the egr deleted and that same fault code is still coming up Evan after egr deleted has any one had this problem????? Thanks in advance Sent from my...
  9. M

    Getting P1409 Fault Code

    I'm getting the above fault code on my E320 CDi Inline 6. Symptoms are car going into limp mode if I exceed 3000 revs. Clears if I stop and restart. The fault code is described thus on my reader: "EGR Vacuum regulator solenoid circuit fault" As my EGR is electronic could this relate...
  10. M.A.94

    Intermittent FAULT on 7G 722.9 gearbox

    Intermittent fault on a 7G gearbox that seems to be getting worse after it has been parked up for 2 weeks. The fault is that once you put the car in Drive if you try to go in to Reverse it will not go past Neutral so the only gears you can move between is Drive and Neutral. The only way...
  11. D

    S211 Airmatic - Scanned fault fixed - wont rise ?

    I had my car scanned today after the rear dropping when drivingCarit wasn't quite on the stops but close. During tests with a mates RAC scanner ( hes an RAC guy ) we got the rear to lower but wouldn't rise. Pump error was found, Ive just been out to the car and the pump is like new Id eat my...
  12. S

    W211 rear ABS sensor fault

    Evening, My 2008 S211 came up with a ABS Inoperative warning message the other day. I borrowed a code reader and it showed a couple of old stored codes for front right ABS sensor distance too far from sensor and a current fault code for rear left ABS sensor check wiring/sensor. The old codes...
  13. H

    C class cdi engine fault

    avantgarde Sent from my KFSOWI using Tapatalk
  14. H

    c class cdi fault

    : C class 2005 cdi hi everyone I'm Harry and my merc has a problem.I recently had two injectors pack up one was burnt away at about 20 mm up from the bottom to the bottom and was dumping diesel in.south lowestoft fuel injection fixed it for me but when I first start up the engine is a bit lumpy...
  15. 350_Coupe

    C350 Coupe (203) - Fault Codes P0810/P0814

    Had the engine management light come on recently, and from a quick visit to a local garage resulted in the following info (from an autologic diagnostic tool) A quick call to PCS, and graham was helpful enough to explain it's likely the auxiliary air pump, used to inject additional air...
  16. Waynedoran

    Fault Code PO715

    My 2003 c180 auto kompressor is keep going into limp mode and the engine management light comes on. Code reader displays the fault PO715 Input/Turbine speed sensor A circuit. Is it a job only Mercedes can do and how much am Looking at? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. Waynedoran

    Fault code P0715 INPUT/TURBINE SENSOR

    Can anyone help with the above code just come on my 2003 c180 Kompressor Auto? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  18. B

    Help! Dashboard fault lights, no electronics c class 2012

    Hi, I am after some advice as to what the problem might be and some alternative solutions as I just know the dealer will charge a small fortune! The problem seem to occur in the mornings, but once it starts, the car works fine until the next morning. Basically, when I turn the key, all manner...
  19. D

    Blower Fault

    HI all hope you can help I've a R170 o3 plate the heater blower works when it wants to. start the car and its dead then 20 mins later it will come on for about 1 min the go off then 30 mins later back on for 1 min. is it the blower motor or the relay
  20. Ultrarep

    Help with fault code p2025

    Hi all my 320cdi keeps throwing up the above code which is evap vapour emissions or somthing similar (cant remember right now) It clears ok for a day or two then comweeks s back. Has anyone dealt with this as am perfectly fine with engines and normal mechanics etc but dont know anything...
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