1. R

    Mercedes ml few faults

    Hi everyone, I recently bought my first ever Mercedes which i must say is lovely to drive. I bought the car from a private seller who said it was in "perfect condition". Whilst it's in pretty good nic for the age etc, it's not what I would describe as perfect. Anyway, as I was walking out the...
  2. Z

    Battery drained causing electrical faults. Help

    Hi I tried updating my satnav software today and I connected a charger (my dad's which was probably not working right) and my battery went partially flat. I could not start the car or even jump it off. On attempting turn over recent clock tried to reset itself and the seat belt presenters stuck...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Mercedes w211 320cdi - likely faults

    Not for me, but my brother in law is running a 2007 W211 E320cdi with about 80k on it. He services it assiduously, numerous transmission oil changes and it has had one glowplug and one injector changed. Discussing it yesterday he is aware that it is not worth a huge amount anymore (around £7k)...
  4. G

    My W205 - faults and gearbox advice please!

    OK my W205 is coming up 9 months old has developed a couple of small faults and one that I am not sure is a fault or something you just have to live with an auto box. 1. Door LED blown - worthy of a trip to the dealer under warranty I guess? 2. Hit and miss with the 'touch to open/lock'...
  5. M

    E Class 220 cdi common faults

    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a e class around a 58 plate auto 220 cdi but will have to be one with high mileage 130k plus. Can anyone tell the common faults with theses cars please. Thanks Mark.
  6. W

    Faults developing whilst car is in garage

    Hi guys. Just looking for a bit of advice on what to do as my car has developed more faults whilst at the dealers! For a bit of background I have a 2007 E class. It went into the main dealer last week for a problem with the passenger door. The window and mirror will not work off of the...
  7. H

    Mercedes vito various faults

    As anyone had experience with a Mercedes Vito when starting the brake pedal is hard then goes to the floor , also could anyone tell me how the glow plugs work ,any help would be appreciated .:bannana:
  8. A

    Degenerating COMAND faults

    I have a COMAND fault on an ’06 CLS55 where, in use, it occasionally does a sort of soft reboot (not fully back to the Mercedes logo like when you switch it on) and flicks back to a blank screen with lines before resuming the function it was in before in about 5 seconds. It breaks the audio on...
  9. 91dm

    ML270 CarSoft and Aircon Faults

    Hello, Just looking into trying to fix the A/C in my ML (2004 W163). Currently the A/C does absolutely nothing. I read the codes in CarSoft 7.4 as below: Module: AIRCO MB nr: 163 820 55 89 Supplier: Hella B100A B1102 B1204 B1206 B1302 Can anyone advise what the fault...
  10. P

    Multiple faults

    Hi All, Hoping you can shed some light on my issues as I have codes coming out of my ears and although I can get discounted genuine Mercedes parts the false diagnostic is starting to cost a lot!! I purchased this W203 2005 M271 C180K Spot Edition for £2700 and after multiple viewings and test...
  11. B

    W220 What faults list ???

    I am just wondering what faults you have all encountered during ownership of your W220's, have had my 2002 54k miles S320 for 3 weeks and its been in the garage for an Airmatic Pump, and now possibly an EIS ignition module, wish I had asked the question earlier but prevention might help save...
  12. D

    W212 alarm faults

    My 5 month old E220 Estate has recently started an intermittent alarm fault where the alarm will randomly go off. I have temporarily managed to override this by disabling the interior sensor when leaving the car. However, after a week of successfully managing this way (as I have been out of...
  13. Swift1092

    Couple engine faults?? W211e55

    Ok lastnight rook my car to the shops, drove fine there, when i got back in the car got half way home, give it a bit to go up the hill, and soon as esp lit the car went into limp mode, started juddering/hunting and cut out, i had teo faults come up "esp defective and electical componats switched...
  14. R

    Air bag faults..

    Hi, Have a C220 w204 2012 that has been in an accident. Are the air bag control units interchangeable as I have a code that states, CAN communication fault with control unit SRS. The control unit has been sent away to be cleared / reset.. Twice.. I have replaced all four seat belts, front...
  15. E270 Owner

    W211 Electrical faults

    Electrical Faults list. Full red dash screen with battery icon & visit workshop. No wipers No indicators No headlights No windows No horn No hazards No heated seats No rear blind No heater motor No fuel gauge No central locking And a few more I cant remember right now...
  16. 2

    W211 ESP,ABS SBC Faults & Battery

    Im new here so first off hello :thumb: I am having issues with my 03 W211 320CDI (199,620miles) I will list them each but maybe some are caused by the same issue? 1. ABS Not working 2. ESP Not working 3. SBC hold Not working 4. Brake service - All fine replacements front and back with in the...
  17. S

    W211 2006 LED rear number plate faults

    Hi, I am getting errors on left rear number plat bulb on E320CDI Estate 2006 (facelift). However the "bulb" is actually several LEDs and it is not permanently off - it flickers. Is there actually a fault with the LED "bulb" or is it likely to be a more general electrical fault? If it is...
  18. sherco450

    vito 120 faults please see pic

    My be loved vito showing these faults. engine not boosting , booked in for inspection next week. ln the meantime my mechanic has asked me to follow any earth wiring in engine. l have briefly looked around fuse area and chassis earth. Has any one had any similar problems.
  19. S

    W211 Glow Plug Faults P0670 2270-4 & 2137-4

    Hi everybody, first post on this forum & i'm a newbie with a glow plugs question. Ive tried to do as much reading on the subject, but as with all things online, there is lots of conflicting info. Basically i have a W211 E Class 320 CDI Sport which i have owned for just over 1 week. I love the...
  20. L

    C250 CDi (2009 W204) STAR faults?

    Hi guys, I'd like to share some fault codes with you, see if anyone on here has had the misfortune of these? After a few weeks of bliss driving after my MAP sensor was replaced, I am now experiencing similar symptoms prior to MAP fault. ie: hesitating at 3500rpm through to 4000. STAR...
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