1. CLSMark

    Who's your favourite actor, or film

    I love anything with Clint Eastwood. Or at the other end of the macho scale, I like Tom Hanks, As for movies Fistful of dollars trilogy Planes Trains, Automobiles. Good Will Hunting (Robin Williams scenes mainly) Then for pure escapism, Fast and furious, or anything with Schwarzenegger...
  2. Borys

    I love UK my new favourite drink

  3. Brian 1

    What's you favourite Snack

    My favourite snack especially on a cold miserable day is a Brexit Burger, it's full of delicious meat and salad, I love it, the downside is it simply so big I can't eat it all, so I have to put the remain in the bin.
  4. G

    Your favourite termination type?

    Err, your gadget's wire termination type that is :bannana: Getting ready to introduce a small gadget for MB (and other marques) enthusiasts, and am wondering what would be the best way to do the in/out wires: it's a small box (73x43x23mm) that will have 4 wires (2-IN; 2-OUT). It's a...
  5. A

    What's your Favourite

    I've had a few cars in my life, more bikes than cars really:p But got say this ST170 was one of the most fun I had with a car and it never missed a beat the old devil And this with the grills blacked up
  6. A

    My favourite 1/18 scale Car

    These are some shots of my best de-cast car I own, all my other 9 are rally cars from 60s to 2000s Only got 10 cars in total, mostly rally but love the old lemans cars, im after a GT40 in the gulf colours and also the Birdcage as well, these would finish my lemans collection off nicely, plus...
  7. S

    Easter Specials at my favourite place...

    My favourite website I noticed has Easter specials on whilst I was stocking up earlier on wheel cleaner... EASTER SAVINGS
  8. D

    Favourite Avatars

    OK, just a lil fun. (Can you tell I'm bored and off work???) Tell us which members Avatar you like/scares/funny etc. Mine is KillerHERTZ It scares me but can't stop looking at it. :crazy: Ant
  9. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places along Britain's east coast

    Evening everyone, yet again I am here to ask you for some more advice and opinions. :o Our second UK road trip will probably take us around the entire island counter-clockwise which means the east will be first on the list. However, I still don't have a proper clue where to drive and what to...
  10. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places in Southern England and Cornwall

    Hey all, the first leg of our 2015 UK trip will take us along the south coast all the way to Land's End and then up through Wales and so on ... Once again I'm hoping to get some advice from you guys as to which roads to take and other nice things and places that can be seen on our way...
  11. R

    3 favourite authors ?

    If you had to name your 3 favorite authors - Could you choose only 3 ? I have difficulty choosing between the following 5 : Nevil Shute James Ramsey Ullman Richard V Frankland A J Cronin and Peter James Peter James and Nevil Shute have written may books. Cronin and Ullman have written books...
  12. Mat B

    Favourite Mercedes

    Hi all, just wondering what everyones favourite examples of Mercedes here in the UK or over the pond in Europe, America etc are For me my main interest is modified and theres so many amazing examples 1) Ricky S - W211 E55 - My favourite all round car 2) Lee C63 - So raw and powerful...
  13. ChrisA

    Favourite Holiday destination

    Let's see who's been where and how they rated it........ Penang - Casuarina Beach Hotel (New Hotel now built after Tsunami destroyed it) Fantastic place, great food and beautiful beaches :thumb:
  14. Red C220

    My new favourite colour

    I've always liked Almandine Black. A rich deep plum colour makes certain cars look really nice. However I stumbled across this over the weekend and it looks lovely. Of course the car helps, but just look at it. Amethyst Red. Used 2012 ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH COUPE V12 2+2 Touchtronic Auto for...
  15. C240Sport97

    my current favourite MB colour

    saw this coveline blue E class saloon today. sensational colour, lots of presence and interest, but not shouty.
  16. PXW

    My favourite job of the year

    Yes, it's come around again - my letter from DVLA reminding me that my tax disc is due. Love it! Went online immediately and did the deed, as I do each year. I see no point at all in waiting! Of course it's all a bit different when it's my daily driver that needs taxing rather than the 42 year...
  17. ItalianTuneUp

    What are your top 3 favourite MB gizmos?

    What are your top 3 favourite MB gizmos? If you have a SWMBO, are her favourites the same? Mine would have to be: 1. Climate control 2. Parktronic 3. Cruise control This might be a chance to learn what useful gizmos/options exist and why people like them.
  18. Dave Richardson

    Favourite Shampoo

    I've used Zaino, Duragloss 901 & Wolf's car shampoo's all recommended on detailing world at some point or another. Just about to run out & wanting to buy a new bottle, thinking of Bilt Hamer of Chemical Guys 'Citrus Wash' What do you use or hate ? :dk::dk::dk::dk:
  19. CLA180SPORT

    One of my favourite features.

  20. N

    My Favourite W124 towing my Favourite W124 Cabriolet

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