1. R

    Its got a fax machine!!

    MB 300 TE 24 V - 3.4 ltr. AMG (W124) Vollausst. m. Fax! I love this.
  2. EDZ649

    Old type thermal fax machine

    Does anyone have an old type THERMAL fax machine lurking in the corner somewhere that they want to get rid of? I need one that takes the paper rolls, not a plain paper one. Must be in good working condition. WHY?:)
  3. Piff

    Windows Image & Fax Viewer

    Here in the building trade we still mostly use faxes (e-mail will arrive one day!) I receive my faxes via an on-line service as an e-mail attachment - a ".tif" image. To view the images I used to use a piece of software which is no longer available to me. I run XP & my web browser is Firefox...
  4. imadoofus

    Email to Fax

    Has anybody here used Yac or eFax (or an alternative)? I need an additional phone line in my ivory tower, and it seems to me that to get one of these services would free up my existing fax line for a phone. Are these services reliable/cost effective? I send few faxes (cos I live in the...
  5. BenzComander

    Fax Log

    We send faxes using the Word Print fax option. Does Word keep a log of faxes sent that we could print off?? Thanks!
  6. A

    fax to email

    I am looking for a fax to email service for incoming faxes. At home I presently have to unplug my printer and plug in fax, I don't really mind this for sending as I am doing it in my own time (tbh I don't fax from home) but hate rushing to do it when I have a incoming fax. I would prefer it...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Free fax to email?

    Can anyone recommend a free fax to email/web service? Doesn't matter if the caller is charged a medium rate (10p for example) call. I see lots are charging now. Tiscali looked good, but unless the registration process is very slow, it's not working. TIA Graham
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