1. B

    Brake hold feature stopped working

    Anyone had this and or know a fix or possible solution ?
  2. C

    Summer opening feature

    Can anyone shed some light on the summer opening feature and remote window closing feature on the w209 clk. it's an 03, and has the black square on the drivers door but nothing happens when I hold the lock/unlock. Does anyone know what the problem may be? The car came with 2 keys one of the keys...
  3. P

    Alarm auto lock feature

    Forgetting to lock the door via the fob in my old age and some nights its remained unlocked all night! Is there not a feature where it'll lock itself if it doesn't detect a key in the ignition. I know of the feature where if you unlock it but don't open door it will lock itself. TIA
  4. J

    Searching for friendly C63 AMG Coupe owners for a feature in CAR magazine...

    Hi all, My name's James and I'm staff writer at CAR magazine. I'm wondering if anyone can help - we're currently in search of a previous-generation 6.2-litre C63 AMG Coupe to star alongside another car in a photoshoot for a feature in the magazine. Unfortunately, we are without a C63 at short...
  5. Horrgakx

    Auto locking feature (W205 etc)

    Hi all - is there a feature where you can just walk away from the car with the key in your pocket and it'll lock itself? Or did I dream that?? :)
  6. S

    2007 E320CDI - is panaromaic sunroof really a good feature or not?

    At last I seem to have found a fully-loaded car (though almost all are described as such on autotrader)...in fact more loaded than I would like ... it has a sunroof, in fact a double sunroof - a panoramic one. I am hesitant about having a car with a sunroof because of: 1. Safety - suspect that...
  7. W

    Mercedes Me feature and improvments requests

    Hi, I think Mercedes Me is the start of something good - a truly connected car. However, Mercedes developers have a lot of work to do. I'd like to compile a list of feature requests, bug tracking and improvements that I'll send off to Mercedes. Not that I am expecting any preferential...
  8. M

    Setting the easy-entry/exit feature

    Hi, I can not set the above-mentioned features in my w221, when I choose one of two options, a black dot appears next to the selected option by me, but before I get out of this menu, the dot returns to the "off" and so every time. I will mention that yesterday everything worked as it should.
  9. R

    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    Hello everyone, I've just taken delivery of an E350, overall I'm delighted with it, it's a totally different experience to the C63! But anywhow, I've encountered a very annoying feature on the E350 that is driving me nuts - when I park in awkward spaces I like to open the driver's door just to...
  10. guydewdney

    w211 boot / tailgate issue. feature or fault?

    Done some trawling but not quite sure. open boot. Give healthy shove upwards. Lip gets to about chest or head level. Stays there. Push up, it stays wherever its put. No auto boot feature. so, i thouht this showed low gas rams so i replaced them with "good used" ones. Yet it does the same...
  11. S

    W220 windows closing feature

    I know there is feature on W220 to close or open all the windows and sunroof by holding the button. Although mine does`t work. Was that feature an optional or do I have to program that first?
  12. bpsorrel

    Interesting Autocar feature about Mercedes F1 engine development

    British GP preview - The brains behind Mercedes' F1 engine domination | Autocar
  13. gazz

    Feature or fault??

    Twice now my 2005 C55 AMG estate has unlocked the doors whilst driving. It only does it in high G manouvering. Both times it has been on roundabouts, once actually going round, and today whilst exiting, so it has done it once turning left and once turning right. I am talking about quite hard...
  14. ACID

    Lee's C63 in Mercedes Enthusiasts Magazine Feature

    A Few Pics of the 1st Supercharged C63 MSL / Weistec Stage 1 Pictures Next Week stage 2............................:D:D:D:D:D
  15. 24karrat

    Mercedes Benz Enthusiast Magazine car feature

    I've been getting the car prep't, ready and on the road and in doing so I managed to get in touch with a columnist writer from MB enthusiast Mag and asked if they would like to feature my 560 SEL Jap import in their magazine and sure enough they said yes! The car has a lot of original...
  16. P

    C320 CDi Sport needed for magazine feature

    Hi there, Mercedes Enthusiast magazine are looking for a W203 C320 CDi Sport saloon to shoot for a big feature on the 20th or 21st May. The photoshoot will last around 3 hours and will be in the Beds/Bucks/Herts/Essex area. If you own a C320 CDi Sport saloon and would like to take part...
  17. P

    SLK 32 AMG wanted for magazine feature

    Hi there, Mercedes Enthusiast magazine are looking for an SLK 32 AMG to shoot for a big feature on Monday 10th March. The photoshoot will last around 3/4 hours and is likely to be in the Beds/Bucks/Herts/Essex area. If you have an SLK 32 AMG and would like to take part please email me at...
  18. B

    W204 SMS Feature only Working Intermittently

    I have the Feature on My W204 Comand where it shows the SMS Messages from My Samsung Galaxy S4. When My Phone connects it asks for permission to access my messages (MAP) which I accept but 50% of the time it shows messages fine but the other 50% of the time it shows No Messages Anyone...
  19. developer

    The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

    Just a bit of fun on a dreary Autumn night. I'll start: On mine, it's the exhaust note. Before I bought, I'd read about people turning off the sound system and winding the windows down. I totally get it now :thumb:. What's your best feature? Edit - this should be in the General...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Heads up: 5th gear now on discovery - A-class feature

    As title...
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