1. ACB44

    Hi, new owner looking for feedback

    Being a new AMG owner and Mercedes owner and to performance cars as well I am slowly adjusting to my new life LOL A few things have been running through my mind which I thought I would share and see what others owners have to say? 1 - Tuning. I have no experience of tuning or remaps or...
  2. BlackC55

    Benz On The Green feedback

    Hi all, Natacha here. I have sent out emails this morning with some questions regarding this years event. We would really appreciate it if you are able to take the time to answer them for us and email back. It is so important to us that this event keeps improving and we cant do this without...
  3. F

    New A class review and feedback

    Hello everyone, I was thinking of picking up an Mercedes A160 5 Door Hatch 1.6 Sport Premium Plus Auto for the Mrs and was hoping to get some feedback from members on the forum. Looks like I will have to get the COMAND and DAB upgrade too since the basic navigation is just poor. Would...
  4. geek

    W205 Coupe feedback

    Hi, Can anyone that has a W205 C Coupe let me know their thoughts and also what options you chose and whether you think they are worth it. Thanks in advance.
  5. B

    Feedback on parts supplier

    Has anyone used from from Optimal AG? My independent shop only has their rear brake rotors in stock. I've never heard of them. Home Thx! Byas
  6. Herishi

    iOS app feedback

    Admin please move to the feedback and testing forum, Hi I only seem to be able to post in the general discussion category from my iPhone. When I try in other categories I get the attached, it asks me to choose a prefix but gives no option of selecting or typing one. Also sometimes (as has...
  7. T

    Feedback on the C350e needed.

    I am thinking about swapping my E300 Hybrid company car for the new C350e. Really need some feedback from any C350e owners please.
  8. BlackC55

    Website feedback from the forum

    Luxury Chauffeur Service Hampshire | Ryan James Chauffeurs Chauffeur  This is the new website for our new business. I would like some feedback from the forum. Good or bad!
  9. adile220

    W203 Koni suspension kit feedback needed

    Hi all Has anyone got any feedback to offer on the Koni suspension kit available for the W203? Check out this item I found on eBay:
  10. optimusprime


    Just wanted to let members know .As i can not find a feedback slot to enter my experience about purchaseing from a good member on our forum . The gentlemans forum name is 91dm .As Dave had a lot of parts going after stipping down his 300e . I aked for a pair of dash speakers the price was set...
  11. gbjeppm

    Advert Feedback Request Please

    Guys I put this up for sale on ebay a few days ago, and have not even had a call or email about it yet. In the past I have sold cars on there pretty quickly. 2001 MERCEDES C320 AVANTGARDE ESTATE AUTO SILVER (Petrol) | eBay So any feedback on the advert / price / anything? I know the...
  12. I

    Most consistently poor feedback?

    eBay Feedback profile for allensmetal Quite fancied the Landcruiser!
  13. pnevesfoto

    DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor

    DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor is it prone to die? my W203 C220 CDI is starting to act up entering limp mode due to a P0401 code... valve working correctly but DTC cores keeps coming back to pending codes... is the DPFE sensor expensive? where is it located? is it a...
  14. Felstmiester

    Feedback on carbon fiber goodies

    I think carbon fiber looks great!! And although a non petrol head would probably think it was something that was missed when the bodywork was sprayed it's a way of showing someone in the know that you mean business. Problem with me is I'm a tight **** and I refuse to pay £500 + for a boot...
  15. markm730

    bit of feedback regarding mpg

    Just a query... I have a c230k, 04, 1.8 auto. Had it for a few wks now and just wandered what others were getting with regards to mpg. Have had it on a few runs and averaging 65-70mph its returning 35-40. Would you say this was about right for the car or could i be getting more? Thanks
  16. M

    Any 55K AMG owners with Weistec supercharger here? I need some feedback!

    Hello, I'm a new member from abroad so please excuse my English and any grammar mistakes! I own a W211 E-Class that had 55K engine installed by the previous owner - the car was E320 V6 Petrol originally. I want to take it further by replacing the AMG supercharger with Weistec but have some...
  17. A

    Advice and feedback on CLS Shooting Brake 250CDI

    Dear All, I am contemplating the CLS Shooting Brake to replace my E-Class estate (model 212). Both cars look very similar from the inside but look quite different from the outside. Not too sure about the road handling of the CLS but I will be test driving one shortly. I have no complain about...
  18. A

    Salisbury Mercedes positive feedback

    Just had my AMG serviced in Salisbury today. Got to say I'm never pleased about taking my car to a dealer, but was very impressed with them from the off. Haggled on the price, 1/2 price mot, carried all warranty work, and kept me up to speed. Nice experience! Oh and I got 4x cans of diet...
  19. A

    Customer Feedback Questionaires

    Are they that very important to MB salespersons? I bought my C63 estate in January and I've been plagued by emails and more recently phone calls about this- 3 calls last week. He says he'll lose his job unless I give him full marks! Dilemma is that he wasn't a very good salesman and if...
  20. moff

    C63 First Service Feedback

    Hi everyone, My amazing car turned 1 last week and went in for its first service at 11500 miles. Nottingham MB (Inchcape dealer) quoted me £319 including VAT and charged me £303 which was nice. No issues with the car, but they couldn't complete: 1. COMAND update as it takes 4 hours...
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