1. ShinyF1

    S210 new 'Mechanical ' steering feel

    Driving the old beast yesterday and it felt like there was some obstructive intervention in the operation of the rack - no evident shake or vibration on the road as such, just a feel through the wheel as you go from lock to lock of something there causing it not to be smooth. Sorry I can't...
  2. ShinyF1

    Should an R129 SL320 feel like an 'old' car?

    Yes I know, the youngest of the R129s will be an old car that is 15 years old now, but bear with me. I test drove what looked to be a fairly good 2001 SL320 this morning. The car had just under 100k miles but seemed to have been looked after. Anyway it felt much heavier to drive than I...
  3. c_200k

    Does anyone else feel their car comes alive in damp/wet conditions

    I don't know how to describe it but I feel like the car comes alive when it's damp/wet. It's much more enjoyable to drive.:devil:
  4. M

    To all S Class Owners - Do you sometimes feel its "too Much"

    Hi Guys, I rarely ever feel this way about a car but for the first time most of the time when I have somewhere to go I feel it says "too much" - that I have piles of money or that I am very rich which in turn changes peoples behaviour towards you. I had a range rover a couple of years back...
  5. LTD

    New tyres - new car feel

    Boy - what a difference. Just had a new pair of Conti 5 MO tyres fitted to the rear of my E220 to replace the worn (3mm) Conti 3 MO that the car came with. Forget analysing the Conti 3/5 change but what a difference new tyres make. The car definitely feels more planted, runs smoother...
  6. poormansporsche

    Feel free to add your own joke .....

    Wonder if the owner was trying to be ironic ! 2001 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG Estate W203 | eBay Nice looking car though !
  7. celicajames

    steering feel through footrest

    Hi in my 2008 w211 when I turn the steering wheel I can feel the steering through the footrest, is this normal?
  8. A

    C250TD no power, no kick down, cant feel turbo spooling up

    Hello I have a wonderful C250 TD that has been very reliable however last night on the motorway after about 150 miles of driving it felt like there was no power, or at least no assisted power from the turbo. I could rev it up to around 1800-2000 mark and usually you can feel the car with a...
  9. D

    I feel robbed by oil price. W204 200CDI

    I have just had 3 year service and MOT done by Mercedes dealership. Oil charged: 6.5 litres of Low Ash @ £16.99/Lit = £93.47 + VAT = £112.16 Washer Fluid Additive: £4.17 + VAT = £5.00 The most...
  10. SilverSaloon

    making a W124 feel "tight" again

    Hi My green 1994 W124 has suffered over the past couple of years due to me having other things to focus my time/efforts on. However it now feels truly like an old banger. Whereas my wife's identical car feels much better and solid feeling. Its a shame but I have also even thought about...
  11. Merty

    Just had my service done and i feel a little bit epic :D

    Hello guys, after buying the car back in July for my Birthday as a treat i had just done my first ever service on my point. It has had 1 previous owner and he had always serviced it as well down at Portsmouth and i thought id carry the spirit by doing it at the dealers. Cost me a heft 500 odd...
  12. b1g1an

    AMG know how to make you feel special

    Just had a knock on the door and it was UPS with a signed for delivery of the AMG magazine, now there's personal service :)
  13. DCStubbs

    Now I have the car I feel I belong

    Joined last week and have read many useful things that have led to me now being the proud owner of a 2001 Quartz Blue CLK320 cab - first Merc; look forward to the forums.:D:D:D:D:D
  14. developer

    It shouldn't feel good but.......

    So a friend of mine tells me he saw me exiting an island that he was approaching last night. "I saw you pick your exit and then booooosh, you were gone - I did debate following you but I thought feck this, I'm never gonna catch that" (2.7 Audi A6). Torque talk. As per thread title - it...
  15. brucemillar

    Feel The Love C55 door trim clips

    Folks On Saturday I decided to wait in the car park and read a paper whilst my wife and daughter did a spot of wallet surgery for me. So I jump out the car and buy a news paper. Returning to my car I see & hear the alarm going off. I then see that the chrome strip on the drivers door is...
  16. scottishman2

    Why do I feel like an excited kid???

    Cos tomorrow I'm going to MB World for an AMG Experience...... looking forward to it more than I ever thought I would! Had a Classic Car day at mallory park last year but somehow the AMG thing seems more exciting! Hope its not a big let down!!
  17. W

    Feel good story for Friday - VW customer service

    Power To The People! - Anything goes
  18. TDE1

    What does it feel like?

    To have created a new human being? (Didn't want to impose on Shude's great news, but it got me wondering...) Can anyone put it into words? The emotions, the pride, the achievement? The responsibility! Not being a dad (yet, but trying :)), I can't begin to imagine what it must be like...
  19. P

    B class 160 sport auto doesn't feel quite right !

    My wife recently bought a b160 sport auto - its 1 year old with 3k miles and sometimes it feels fine but other times it feels like it holds back or is jerky in acceleration - difficult to put my finger on it really - I'm sure when I test drove another one it did feel like this but it's now...
  20. R

    Some days it just doesnt feel like a job, and cant believe i'm get paid to do it...

    Here's some picks of the former... Taking a nice little ship up to Ipswich lat evening... Heavy rain showers that stopped abruptly to show us this sight of the river. Enjoy!
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