1. R

    Strange problem - engine or gearbox feels jerky

    Hi, Been having some problems with my 2013 model C250cdi coupe with the 7G tronic transmission. Firstly around a month ago, I left work on a hot day and as I pulled off the car park the car was really jerky at low revs. Lurching quite violently under acceleration from stationary. Kind of...
  2. S

    W205 - Direct Steer just feels strange

    Hi New to this forum and writing from Switzerland. I just purchased a 2016 c-class 250d estate 4-matic with the amg-line package and 19 inch wheels. It's my first Mercedes and, generally speaking, I love it. It looks classy and sporty, is ultra comfortable, and I love all the tech and...
  3. J

    Feels like I'm home

    Hi everyone, Having had various Mercedes C and E class cars for years I had a five year dalliance with another make of car. That was good and latterly turned bad so last week I have returned to what I know and love and got a used 63 reg E220 CDI, W212 facelift I believe it's also know as. I...
  4. B

    Steering feels heavy 2.7 E Class.

    Hi all the steering feels very heavy on her E Class 2005 2.7 compared to my S class 3.2, any ideas please. Thanks' Bill.
  5. lfckeeper

    Car feels odd

    Driving in a spirited manner off a roundabout the car felt like the left front 'gave way' (best way i can describe it), no knocks bangs or anything. Thankfully I was near the garage I take the car to. He checked the suspension and said everything was solid with no play. He took it for a quick...
  6. A

    SL55 doesn't start when it feels like it.

    My 2007 has now decided that it doesn't like starting sometimes. But return to the car later in the day and it will probably start immediately! On each occasion it has been recently raining and quite cold and it will be the first start of the day. Not dead - all electrics whir and all that...
  7. ChrisEdu

    211 paintwork feels different on wings

    I know this might sound a bit weird, but I've noticed that the paintwork finish on the wings of my 211 feels different to the rest of the car. It looks them same as the rest of the vehicle, but just doesn't feel as smooth, even when coated in several layers of wax. Might this indicate that...
  8. del320

    Dave feels so Epic

    Do you find this advert hilarious or ghastly?
  9. ea666

    W215 CL500 Steering Feels Heavy

    Recently whilst steering around round about and tighter bends in the road, the steering feels heavier than normal. Has anyone had any similar steering issues? thanks
  10. M

    Steering Wheel Feels Heavy

    Hello All, I am a new driver and bought a Mercedes CLK 220CDI 2005, This is the fourth week i have owned this car and i feel a slight problem on Steering Wheel. When i start the car up from cold Steering wheel feels very heavy and makes a slight sound like a humming sound when i turn wheel i...
  11. S

    Just had a new alternator fitted and car now feels very sluggish!

    I have a c200 coupe 2003 the new alternator was installed, my car picked up speed fast; but now it is very sluggish and slow. Why could this be? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  12. M

    Steering wheel feels heavy

    My e320 coupe w124 steering wheel seems to feel heavy to turn, any ideas why? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  13. A

    Feels like i have a different car!

    I don't often post on here but read all your posts regularly. After many months of delays, I got round to changing the engine mounts, or should I say mount (passenger side) on my e55. The car feels so much better it is beyond belief. Hence my post! Thought I'd share this!
  14. Lipsylee

    C32 feels like clutch is slipping whilst Accelerating from 2nd to 3rd

    Hello the c32 feels like its slipping when accelerating a little hard mostly from 2nd to 3rd gear at about 2-2.5k rpm and when dropping back down . It's very jerky and when in manual if I go really slow in second then accelerate it jumps / jerks or slips . Any ideas would be great . Thanks lee
  15. Steve C250

    Bought a C250CDi and it feels slow

    I have just bought my C250 CDi Blue Effciency AMG Sport and am a little concerened. Although the dealer has assured me that my 2009/09 car is definatly a C250! So whats the issue i hear you say?!?! Well, when i went to insure the car it came up as a 220cdi B.E AMG Sport. Also, on the log book...
  16. M

    Feels like drivetrain / transmission slack

    Hi Guys I have a 2007 E320cdi Sport estate - 85,000 miles with full benz history (verified) I've begun to notice a bit of what I can only describe as "slack" in the drivetrain. If I'm parked at the lights (more noticable if on a slight incline up) and drive away, there seems to be a little slack...
  17. J

    w126 - rear feels unstable

    Hi, Wondering if the experts can help me. My 1986 500 SEL feels slightly unstable. It feels as if there is play at the back of the car that can cause a very small rear 'steering' effect, either left or right, depending on camber or bumps in the road. On a smooth road it is better, but...
  18. A

    W211 E55 - No engine braking / feels like in cruise control

    Hi, I've got a strange problem surfacing on my 2004 W211 E55... it won't slow down! Driving at sensible speeds anything around or below 40mph, in C or S auto mode, the car just maintains its speed with no throttle input. This is on level roads. Feels like it is in cruise control (but it...
  19. C

    Help! Feels like a flat tyre?

    Can any one help driving my ml270 2003 home and I felt and heard a sound coming from the offside rear like the wheel was flat! On inspection it was fine but very worn! Drove further and the noise and feeling got so bad that I had to stop like Driving on a flat knocking and vibration I the...
  20. NW_Merc

    Car feels like it's going to stall

    I have put my pre-facelift W202 to bed until next year while I do different mods i have been putting off. Anyway I have a facelift W202 which I am running around in and it has juddering symptoms almost like it's going to stall but doesnt. Now 3 questions: 1. Could it be the Crank position...
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