1. tali

    Car insurance costs: beware charges and fees guide

    Found this handy guide -to the charges car insurance companies sting you with. Car insurance costs: Fees and charges - How it works and what it covers - Car insurance - Insurance - Which? Money
  2. markjay

    SIPP fees question

    Anyone has an idea what's reasonable for ongoing fees? My IFA quoted 0.65% of the fund value annually for advice. Does this sound about right? Not looking to haggle it down, just wanted to know if he is being reasonable with his fees. Thank you in advance...
  3. yorkshiregit

    SLK registration for sale £250 +fees

    IDEAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT! S783SLK, my current vehicles' MOT expires 16/12 so quick action required if you are interested.
  4. developer

    Avoiding Fees

    So I sell 2 children's bikes on eBay, that have been in the shed for years. The winning bid is only £41 for the pair - cash on collection. The buyer arrives today, collects, pays cash and suggests we agree there was something wrong with the deal, so that we don't have to pay the fees. Why...
  5. MD5

    Vets' fees

    Do we think they are excessive? It made me cringe, some of the charges we paid when we had cats, but paid them, no matter what, to try to keep them well. It also made me wonder if we are being held to ransom for the love of our animals. A couple of threads here demonstrate the concern people...
  6. ss201

    Booking Fees

    This whole booking fee nonsense just gets me really angry Phoned to book tickets for a concert at a local small venue today. Ticket price advertised at £10. Then was informed of a £2.50 booking fee if booking by phone or online - even if using a debit card. However if paying directly at the...
  7. W

    Autotrader fees

    Has anyone else noticed the steep rise in Autotrader fees? Today is costs £36 for 2 weeks online or £56 for 6 weeks! In 2009 it was £25 for 2 weeks. Ebay costs £20 for 4 weeks.
  8. corned

    Lakeland Motor Museum entry fees?

    I'm planning a visit next week, as we will be having a short stay in the area. Does anyone with local knowledge know what the entry fees are? Their website admissions details page doesn't actually say (i.e. I think there is something wrong with the page)! :doh:
  9. D

    u want to use microsoft office legally but do not want to pay license fees read on

    microsoft responding to pressure from gmail and open office introduced a hidden GEM license free use of office online if u have an old hotmail account or merely go an create hotmail account u get free access to microsoft office suite online. ok of course they want to get you to use hotmail...
  10. A

    Any Doctors? Claiming tax back for courses / exams / professional fees etc

    Hello Recently my wife has another course to attend, asked to do this from work (she's a doctor). Now the course fee we 'should' apparently get back most of the (£690) but the exam, overnight accomodation in London and travel down we will not (around £700). We also have to pay out for a trip...
  11. High-Lo

    Shocking eBay Fees

    Haven't sold on eBay for over a year until last week. Sold 4 items and was shocked that the final value fees are up to 10% :eek: Don't think I'll be selling much more from now on :o Final price: £105.50 (Auction) 04-Sep-09 18:58:59 BST Final Value Fee £10.54 -- Final price: £46.00...
  12. smillion


    I know this has been discussed before but I am getting completely fedup. In the last three months I have been very lucky enough to sell 2 cars on ebay including more recently my E270 cdi. £18 for a 28 day classified each. Both sld within 4 days. And so when I come to sell a set of alloys for...
  13. Piff

    University tuition fees

    Number 1 son is planning to go to university this year - 3 to 4 year chemistry course. Wife & I are concerned at the potential debt to be accumulated during the years at university. Youth of today (generalising here!) as yet seem to be unconcerned by debt, supported by the schools &...
  14. purplegoddess

    looks like ebay fees are going to go up

    http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1320396,00.html :crazy:
  15. C

    new road tax fees

  16. D

    lease transfer fees??

    i am thinking of buying a small shop,it is on lease and would anyone one know roughly how much the lawers rake in for doing this transfer?thanks in advance
  17. W

    Ebay Fees

    Just signed into ebay and was greeted with a notice telling me their fees are going up. Do you just feel they are milking it for all its worth! How much is enough! I'm glad i don't sell high value goods! They say it will balance out but by my calculations the final fee is higher!
  18. Carrotchomper

    Dental fees

    I'm a little short of money this month- Despite working stupid hours, unfortunately overtime takes a while to come through. However, I feel that the time has come for the yearly dentist check-up- And a polish wouldn't go amiss too. Having just phoned my dentist to book, I enquired about the...
  19. Spinal

    eBay fees changing

    Just a heads up for those wanting to sell on eBay... http://web.ebay.co.uk/businesshub/index.php?page=price_changes_uk_general Generally speaking, the listing fee has gone down, and the end-of-auction fee has gone up... Michele
  20. ckember

    parking fees in oxford up again

    Public parking has gone up by £0.50 to £5.00 for 3 hours in the center of town. This is according to the council is required due to increased costs. The £0.50 rise is likely to occur every year for the next few years. Their justification is that if they don't do this now they will cut other...
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