1. abecketts

    Poor deluded fella

    Not a merc but 1995 Range Rover much modded and a bargain at £8,500 mmmmm i'd say £2k tops Range Rover LPG 29k miles,no Offers, p/x, wink on eBay (end time 22-Dec-10 17:52:21 GMT)
  2. H

    This fella is a mentalist

    XihQeZpwqpE I wish he delivered pizzas in my area! YouTube - Black Devil - Moscow Ride on R1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XihQeZpwqpE
  3. S

    new fella need really honest advice on e55

    hello guys, just want to thanks in advance for any info given! here is the situation, i am i guess lucky enough to be looking at an e55 AMG, as my current/previous M3 has met its demise through a profound mechanical failure and is now beeng sold off for some jusy bits before being binned :(...
  4. pammy

    Merry Christmas fella's

    Have a great Christmas chaps - and the odd lady:D . A big thank you from me too for all your welcomes and banter - eases the tedium:D Hope Santa is very kind and that the hangover's are gentle:D New Year's resolution - make Kinky like silver:D Go rock:rock: :bannana: :rock: :bannana...
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