1. W

    Vito Crew cab on Dover - Calais Ferry

    Hi All Thinking about buying a nearly new, new generation Vito Crew Cab/sport compact similar to the old model Dualiner as a family wagon. We do a lot of trips to Europe and I wonder what category owners are booking their Vito under when travelling on cross channel ferries? P&O have a...
  2. S

    Disabling alarm on my E-Class W212 for the Ferry

    I'm shortly taking my E220 W212 across the channel on a ferry. They usually ask you to disable the alarm and any internal motion/tow away sensors. I seem to recall years ago there was a button to do this for my W210, possibly also for my W211, but after a cursory look at my current set of...
  3. D

    Ferry or Tunnel?

    We're thinking of travelling to France then on to Spain, probably late August/early September. Which is recommended? Tunnel or Ferry? We'd have a way to travel to get either so would probably opt for a longer drive and shorter crossing like Dover to Calais if using the ferry unless anyone has...
  4. Spinal

    Hiring a Ferry

    An odd query... I'm organising another charity event, and we will have 20-30 cars crossing the channel. Contacting the ferry companies for preferential rates is a given - but I started thinking, do small ferries that only do 30 cars or so exist? If so - where would I go by finding and...
  5. crockers

    New Ferry Service

    Different Cruzando el río - videos de humor - humor variado | elRellano.com
  6. 230K

    Galway Ferry falls into water

    Hi Galway Ferry Had you heard about this one? Three hurt loading ferry onto freight ship - RTÉ News Thankfully no serious injuries 230K
  7. W

    Car lost at sea after ferry slip

    BBC link this is one of those stories where I wish I could read the insurance claim.
  8. D

    Ferry Question

    This summer it looks like I'll be taking the ferry rather than the Tunnel in order to cut costs. The tunnel has limits on the amount of reserve fuel I can take [2x10l metal containers]. Are there any limits for ferries? This takes on a new significance because the fall in sterling makes all...
  9. nick mercedes

    nightmare ferry journies

    So how did this manage not to fall all the way in? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/south_of_scotland/7857643.stm
  10. Ade B

    Getting a ferry

    Anyone know off the top of their head the price difference between booking a ferry in advance and turning up on the day (or booking the day before). Cheers, Ade
  11. K

    COMMAND error after ferry crossing

    E320 CDI 2002. Each time I take my car to France on the feryy the COMMAND system fails to work straight away. I load in a new CD in and although I can see all the French info the COMMAND system it still thinks it is in the Kent or the middle of the Channel. If I stop the car for about 30 minutes...
  12. T

    Overcharged for ferry - a little help please?

    I recently booked a car ferry, and told them that my car was a Mercedes C-class. The travel agent said a long vehicle supplement would apply of £13, because my car is apparently 4.6m long. But the manual says that my 202 estate is 4.487m long. The travel agent understands that I have been...
  13. Maff

    Ferry Horn....

    Just watched this video, still laughing now!!! Guy fits a Ferry Horn to his car :bannana:
  14. Sp!ke

    Dover-Calais ferry

    If any of you are planning a trip in the near future, check out the prices at the link below. My three week return crossing (car + 2 Adults +2 Children) was £330 on the P&O site and only £83 when booked through www.ferry.co.uk
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