1. Markjames

    Deutsche fest

    Anyone going to brands hatch this weekend for Deutsche fest? I am going Sunday with my nephew. Did the Aston Martin club day last Saturday and that was very quiet.
  2. BIRMA

    Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch 19/20th August

    Anyone from here going? I'm hoping to meet up with some members from the Private Lounge on Saturday, heading for Southbank marshall's permitting as there seems to be less dust and a good view.
  3. M

    Button Fest

    MERCEDES S600 v12 LIMO LIMOUSINE W140 13k | eBay
  4. tpwuk

    I'm having a C43 fest!

    Mercedes : Mercedes C43 AMG Estate V Plate :D
  5. gaz_l

    SL fest in Southampton today.

    Was in Southampton earlier today, following an SL500 (R129). Dark blue metallic with tan leather, hood down, just the job for a nice sunny day :). We stop at a set of lights, R129 driver pulls up at the front of the queue next to a 500SL (R230) waiting in the left hand lane. Coincidentally...
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