1. E63AMG

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Hi all Anybody going this year & got any tips? I went a couple of years ago but am sure I never got round half of it! I'm heading down on Friday from Lytham for a full day there on Saturday if anybody fancies a brew. Nige
  2. Tuono-AMG

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th June 2017 Two Entrance and Roving Grandstand tickets Unfortunately I'm now unable to attend this year's event due to work commitments. Original total cost £206.86 Goodwood FoS Festival of Speed 2017...
  3. M

    Mercedes at Goodwood Festival of Speed - Video

  4. R

    Cheltenham HH Festival

    Just to ask if anyone else here religiously follows this event, it's forth coming shortly, and in the world of horseracing it's a major premier event. My own feeling here is that the Irish will have a superior team over the UK based stables, this said whilst I have no great tips for the 4...
  5. st13phil

    FlyWheel Festival - Bicester Heritage

    Anyone going to the FlyWheel Festival at Bicester Heritage this weekend? It's almost in my backyard, so I'll be there on Sunday...
  6. D

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

    Got my tickets booked and paid for, for the 4 days. Anybody else from here going? Neil
  7. C36fan

    Goodwood festival of speed

    Hi is anyone going to goodwood next week? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. W

    Goodwood Festival of speed wekend tickets

    Just after x2 tickets for the sat or sunday. I normally get some free from Audi but obviously off their Xmas card list at the moment. Anyone got any spare they want shot of? Dont want to pay full money on the official site in case it rains and only sunday left now anyway. Thanks
  9. AnimMerc

    Freedom Festival Hull

    Not Merc related but those who live near Hull it's the Freedom festival this weekend Fri-Sun, it's usually OK especially if you have kids. Loads of music and other stuff going on.:rock::bannana:
  10. mikeyodowd

    Irish Festival of Speed

    Just a quick post to see if any members are coming over to the Irish festival of speed in Limerick this weekend?
  11. abecketts

    Coronation Festival

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the preview of this today as I chair an association with a Royal Patron. It was some big automotive sponsors in the shape of Jaguar, Land Rover and Bentley that caught my eye, I hope the few shots i took before the camera phone gave out are of...
  12. L

    Festival of Speed

    If you're dropping by this weekend, make sure you check out the Brabus stand, they have that B800 SL63 or whatever it's called. Utterly insane piece of kit. Also present on the Mercedes stand is countless AMG's and also the new S Class.
  13. developer

    Evesham VE Vintage Festival

    We had a wander around this festival today, located around the centre of Evesham (including cars in the graveyard :eek:). The theme was 40's, 50's, and 60's with many dressed in period clothing. Here's a few shots - a fine way to spend a bank holiday afternoon :thumb:.
  14. Beardz

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

    Not sure if i'm in the correct section but... I have been offered complimentary tickets for FOS 2013 and have been asked which day (Sat or Sun) I would like to attend. For those of you who have been before, from your experience which is the best day to go (for action/meeting drivers etc)...
  15. D

    D-Fest 15th-16th june.

    DeutschesFEST 2013 - The Summertime Special - Bury St. Edmunds - 15th & 16th June All German marques are welcome at the premiere German Car event of the season, DeutschesFEST. A show dedicated to German vehicles – Classic, modern, OEM+, modified and everything in between! The show features...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    AMG Goes for Gold at Cannes Film Festival

    AMG gets a golden ticket to the Cannes Film Festival Mercedes-Benz and AMG at the Cannes Film Festival: Golden fleet for the 65th Palme d'Or Stuttgart/Cannes. Star quality befitting the anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival: to celebrate the awarding of the 65th Palme...
  17. 1

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    A little early I know.. but its my yearly motorsport pilgramage, where I usually marshal in the F1 paddock. I will be there from Wednesday through to the following Monday and am always looking for an excuse to meet for a chat and beer or two. Would be good to meet other forum members, anyone...
  18. R

    Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival - Munich?

    Hi Has anyone ever been to Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival in Munich? If so, what's it like in terms of atmosphere, fun, and average age of people who you tend to see out? Cheers
  19. R

    Hempstead Valley Festival of Transport:)

    Our local shopping centre must be run by a petrolhead because we have a great Festival of Transport once a year. It runs over this weekend and particularly tommorrow when loads of owners bring their cars along. The main display this year is Bond cars. A few phone snaps taken when the centre...
  20. A160DSB

    V Festival 2011

    Hi there, Ive got my ticket for V at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. I live in Canvey Island so if anyone needs a lift to and from the event, send me a message. £10 to cover petrol etc.
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