1. bpsorrel

    Festive Lamborghini.. :)

    https://youtu.be/MUVPtcGvy38 Anyone up for cooking their turkey this way? :D
  2. Satch

    Festive driving

    Or to be more precise rubbish festive driving. Thanks to ancient, unwell plus ancient and very unwell family members spent a lot of time on motorways since Christmas Eve. Now the holiday drivers are a well known curse but convinced it is getting worse and it is not just me being miserable...
  3. gmk666

    How many festive miles did you do?

    Got back to London yesterday after a week and a bit of family and friend visiting up North and was shocked to work out I'd covered the best part of 1000 miles. One pair of grandparents are in Leeds, the other in Doncaster and there was also a quick blast up to Whitley Bay, but I wasn't...
  4. 230K

    Festive Turkey Shoot!

    Enjoy Best after a few glasses of tinto.:D :D :D http://www.southbank-design.co.uk/turkeyshoot/index.htm Just fluked 28340 230k
  5. whitenemesis

    MB Festive Leisure Evening

    Just got my invite... not sure if Mrs WN should come, could get very expensive :eek:
  6. Thmsshaun

    Get into the festive spirit

    Check out this video :eek: http://media.putfile.com/WizardsofWinter-SM
  7. F

    festive day

    being a muslim we have a festive day similar to that of christmas but with 30 days of fasting beforehand, now that those 30 days are over thurs 03/11/2005 is our festive celebration of '' EID''. I would like to wish all the friends on this forum, muslim and non-muslims a '' HAPPY EID'' and pray...
  8. pammy

    Some festive fun

    Have fun
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