1. developer

    Is the "learning" gearbox truth or fiction?

    Most of my journeys are suburb and city based and as such, fairly sedate, with the gearbox being allowed to change under part throttle openings. Today I gave it some beans and I thought there was some lag between kickdown and (rather) rapid take off. It's been said that the gearbox learns...
  2. A

    sometimes fact is so much funnier than fiction

    The Whitehouse has announced it is employing a new pastry chef I'm sure there was a lot of competition for such a high ranking position perhaps it was Bill's literary prowess that got him his new job Andy
  3. P

    Late 90's reliability - fact or fiction?

    I'm still reviewing which merc to buy and although i'm being tempted by so many late 90's early 2000's cars such as C2X0 and CLK3X0, i've been put off by what i've read by some on here about reliability and rust in this period of car and hence thinking i should stick with an early 90's car with...
  4. weebobster

    Fact or Fiction ??

    A "mate" at work has told me that an article in one of the UK motoring magazines has just done a group test where the new C220CDi got slated and came last!! Please please tell me it aint true!!! I love my C220CDi regardless:rock: Anyone came across this review yet?
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