1. ioweddie

    Fun with Jets 'The Fighting Cocks'
  2. st13phil

    Police separate fighting shareholders at Mercedes AGM

    Police called to break up fight over sausages at Mercedes shareholder meeting. You couldn't make it up :rolleyes:
  3. W

    W210 fighting rust advice

    Hi, I dont post much on here and I am aware that w210 and rust is like the sky and blue but I could use some advice due to the layout of cash to try and keep the orangy red menace at bay. Basically on my latest service my local mechanic has said that I had better start doing something about the...
  4. L

    Fighting Torque 2010

    Hi guys, Chance to see just how fast your car really is, 1 mile timed drag race! Enjoy going as fast as you like with out getting arrested! :D Myself and another E55 are already booked, along with two M cars. Here is the link. Home 2010 Paul
  5. andy_cyp

    Fighting Torque 2009

    Sunday 16th saw my second year at this event held at woodbridge airfield. The aim was simply putting your car through its pace on a 1 mile piece of asphalt with your 1/4 mile , 1 mile runs being timed plus your speed at the end of the mile. 50 cars were invited to this event but only 40 made...
  6. Wild Woods

    funny online fighting game

    My Brute, funny online fighting game This simple on line fighting games is proving popular on a lot of forums. Some of the other car forums I use are now starting clans to fight each other. Click on the link below, make a brute and start kicking ar5e!! Cheers WW
  7. andy_cyp

    Fighting torque pics

    This event is held anually at an raf woodbridge in suffolk. Its purpose is to bring members of the piston heads forum together for a timed 1/4 mile and mile run against each other. Cars were at a plenty with the exotics of lambos/porsches to c63's a cls 55 m3's m5's tvr's etc. Everyone...
  8. jdrrco

    Worth fighting for...

    Yesterday afternoon, I left work for an appontment and almost immediately I left the car park was pulled over by a gang of 15 (I counted) police and community support officers. They pulled in every car that wasn't a taxi and were issuing Fixed Penalty Notices for £30 for driving on a road...
  9. L

    Fighting a battle against the bass box

    I have had an Alpine CDM-9803 Head unit fitted and Cerwin Vega HSD1693's in the rear shelf and the result is a very nice clean crisp sound but no low down balls at all. Having had many hatchbacks in the past I have never been lacking in bass before so I am a bit at a loss as to where to go...
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