1. B

    Parts Price File

    Hello, Does anyone have a current / recent MB Parts price file? I have an old one (Price List 67) which is from Jan 2013 but I would like a more recent one. In any format is great (MS Access / Excel / TXT) Thanks in advance.
  2. AnimMerc

    Wikileaks Insurance file release

    WikiLeaks unleashes new 88GB 'insurance file' onto the web ? but what's inside them? It will be interesting to see what's inside them.
  3. C240Sport97

    R231 SL music file formats

    I want to save songs on to a USB stick and play in my R231 SL (with Harmon Kardon). Any one know what file format the song has to be in? I will be using songs in my iTunes library. I looked in my fake leather manual folder, but there is only a CD based Digital Owners Manual which is useless as...
  4. E

    Vbox file wanted (W205 C63) 100-200

    Has anyone got a vbox file for a valid 100-200kph run on a stage 1 mapped W205 C63? Purely for comparison purposes and will be kept private. Eddie
  5. developer

    Windows File Size - Lots Of Questions

    Hello guys, My fairly old but reasonably specced desktop (3.00Ghz/4Gb RAM) has Vista as it's OS. The C drive is 70Gb and the Windows file within it is using 28Gb alone. Add that to our user files and a couple of Programme Files and Prorgamme Data files within the C: tree and we're at...
  6. abecketts

    C43 with an amazing online history file

    Mercedes Benz AMG C43 | eBay Amazing
  7. Druk

    TID file help.

    So I have a Panasonic TZ30 and took a short movie clip which I was hoping to load to YouTube. The computer sees a AVCHDTN file which then translates to a TID file which Microsoft wont recognise. If I Google the thing it says my registry is corrupted and needs fixed. I have a registry cleaner and...
  8. cinek

    Video file format

    Which files can be played on the command?
  9. Spinal

    File Hosting (redux)

    A query... more of testing the ground to see what people would do. I have a large number of files that I use for work. These range from sanitised versions of old reports and presentations, to manuals, diagrams, etc. Basically, it's my reference base. Up until now, I've been lugging these...
  10. M

    Copy of a corrupt EPC/WIS 2009 File please?

    A file on my EPC installation DVDs is unreadable. I've managed to install WIS but the EPC installation stumbles on this file. Can anyone supply me this file please? I'm willing to pay for posting to me on a CD (it's only 397MB), if you haven't got dropbox or similar. It's on EPC Disk 3 of 3...
  11. ShinyF1

    How to recover a corrupted Outlook [pst] file

    Can anyone recommend a bit of software that can recover a corrupted outlook *.pst archive? The pst file is approx 3.5GB I have tried the outlook repair tool with no luck, but see various software tools advertised at varying cost adn am unsure if (a) they work or (b) the best one to buy Many...
  12. E

    PCMCIA Adapter/SD Card - File Formats

    Hello Ive just had to buy a new PCMCIA adapter, as my last one got a bent pin inside and wouldnt read the SD card, but everythings working ok now. Car is a late 2008 W204. My question is, my COMAND system will not play protected MP3 files that I downloaded from iTunes or AAC files or...
  13. The _Don

    Petroplus prepares to file for insolvency

    Petroplus prepares to file for insolvency, shares plunge 82% | ShareCast - News you can use
  14. mercmanuk

    imac and win 7 file sharing problems

    iMac running osx lion server and pc running win 7 all the files on the iMac can be accessed by the pc only public files on the pc can be accessed by the iMac when i try and access files with administrator rights on the pc through the iMac i get a "no entry sign". they are connected through a...
  15. grober

    SAAB file for bankruptcy

    Yes it's finally happened. Saab have finally filed for bankruptcy protection. :( Saab files for bankruptcy protection -
  16. mercmanuk

    Pc/imac file transfere question

    Ive 3 hdd's ntfs format on my pc running windorws 7.ive an imac running osx can i access the 3hdd's on the pc on the imac,the two computers are on a wired/wireless network.basically want to watch films/music on both computers.advise needed online guides
  17. andy27168

    HTC Video file converter

    Hi, Having recently upgraded my phone to my first Android phone HTC Sensation. I am a bit of a dimwit where phones and PC's are concerned. I,m trying to put a video onto my phone and find i need a file converter programme to convert it to the right format, can anyone recommend one please?
  18. BTB 500

    Help - MS Office file types not recognised in IE8

    I have a new PC running Win7 64 bit, IE 8, and MS Office 2010. In IE8 if I click on a link to a .doc file (for example) I get the normal file download box, but it shows 'unknown file type' and the 'Open' option is not there (just Find application, Save, Cancel). Same for .xls, but other types...
  19. J

    embedded file from this site

    I looked at a link posted on here a few days back and now have an 'embedded Amazon HTML' that keeps showing up in the history everytime I lob on to this site. Is it harmfull? and can I get rid of it. Thanks in advance. Simon
  20. The Boss

    hd camera video file .MTS conversion

    Guys, i need your advice. i have just downloaded my files from my partners new cam, and the video files are in .MTS format. This is an HD video format, but i cant view it on my PC. Any pointers on how to convert it to a usable format that retains the HD characteristics from the VID.. any...
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