1. grasmere

    ISO files - what are they please

    Can anyone help please. I have an ISO file for a program and want to burn it to a CD to run/install from. I've 'burned'/ copied the file to a CD but I just get the same file on the CD as I have on my HD :confused: Am I missing a salient point! Any ideas please guys and gals ?
  2. R

    Corrupt files.

    I accidentially deleted .ppt files that my son was working on :o I managed to recover them with PC Inspector but some are corrupted and wont open in powerpoint. Any ideas anyone?
  3. prprandall51

    Organising MP3 files on DVD

    Hello, can anyone please advise the best method for building an MP3 DVD for Comand (E-Class)? I have tried a few experimental discs using different methods of organising the files but I don't seem to be able to create a directory structure that Comand recognises which allows me to keep track...
  4. glojo

    img files

    Could members tell me what Burning software they use to put 'img' files onto a DVD please? Regards, John
  5. N

    How do I convert real player files to CD

    I have a few real player music files that I want to convert onto normal CD music format, does anyone know how to do it, I only have the standard free version of real player downloaded from the web. Thanks Jon
  6. M

    Seriously cool HOW TO files from another site ASP Pulley - Detailed step by step installation instructions with pictures. This is a PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat. Dyno Mode (2003+ models) - Step by step instructions on how to put your 2003+ C230K in dyno mode. This is a PDF file and...
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