1. Palfrem

    Filling wheelarches

    I get the feeling my G needs something more muscular in the arch department. It's on standard 15 inch wheels at the moment and any larger G Wagen alloys are very thin on the ground indeed. Those that are out there are very expensive. It has been suggested I get some BFG AT tyres or...

    w202 Petrol leak when filling.

    I am shortly being given a 1998 C240 , which is overall in very good nick for its age. Currently owned by a good mate of mine , who has had it very well maintained in his 10 years ownership. Front wings and boot lid have been replaced , and apart from some rust on the bottom of a rear door the...
  3. M

    filling up

    hi people just curious i have a 2008 e 280 sport and have tried various diesel brands my problem is when filling with v.power it only takes around 23 ltrs and clicks of because the diesel is at the top of the filler it only happens with this brand no matter what station i use anyone else had...
  4. Conquistador

    Filling in a garden pond

    We've recently moved into a house which has a 10x6ft sunk pond in the ground which we want rid of. I've pumped pretty much all of the water out and tried stabbing the bottom of the shell to drain the rest of the water into the ground but it's solid - could be concrete lined but the lining is...
  5. ricardo62

    filling sump with petrol

    ok a curious ? but I have always wondered if you had an old car that you were scrapping what would happen if you drained the sump of oil and filled it with petrol? and started it up
  6. Jumbojim

    Fuel Tank leak during filling

    On a 1999 CLK 320 the fuel tank overflows on to my feet if I try to fill the tank more than about 3/4 full. It seems to flood out from near the top of the tank, have you any advice on how to fix this?
  7. Q

    W124 needs slow fuel filling or petrol pump cuts out.

    My 1991 W124 estate has an annoying problem, I have to fill it with petrol REALLY slowly or the fuel bubbles up and makes the petrol pump cut out. I can only fill at a rate of about 1 litre every 10 seconds, so a 50l fill takes about 8 minutes. BTW, the car came with an invoice for a new fuel...
  8. D

    Boot Lid Filling with Water

    Hi Chaps, Went out in the drought (monsoon) today and whilst returning to the car (211 E320) i clicked the "boot open" button and it twitched but failed to open. I lifted the boot lid and to my suprise could hear a not insignificant amount of water sloshing about inside. The extra weight would...
  9. DSM10000

    Petrol smell after filling

    On the last two occasions I have filled the fuel tank I have noticed a strong smell of petrol when I have got back into the car. It lasts for a couple of minutes and is then gone. I do not remember it happening previously when filling up and I am not over filling as I always wait until the...
  10. verytalldave

    Free Air on filling station forecourts ? ? ?

    I needed to put some air in my front tyres a few weeks ago (a rare event) and I went into my local garage and found it was now 30p for 3 minutes of air. Not happy but paid and the 3 minutes just about gave my enough time to inflate both front tyres. Since then I have checked all the other local...
  11. N

    XP, Firefox 4, pages not filling screen.

    Recently had my pc reformatted & ever since a lot of pages do not fill the screen. They have quite large white borders or the downloaded page site on one side of my screen with a big blank white area & because of this (?) the font size is too small. I've tried Zoom in (which is crap) but that...
  12. M

    C220 cdi S203 Fuel leak after MOT and filling up

    The day after my MOT, (maybe just a coincidence) I filled up with diesel and noticed the under side of the rear of the car covered in diesel. I cleaned it all off and kept an eye on it but it is still wet under there a month later....seems to happen when I fill up. I'm not filling it to the...
  13. 230K

    Gloves for filling with diesel RANT

    Arrive at local filling station in Belfast and proceed to look for gloves and there is none, then try all 4 dispensers for paper towel and there is none. I remember that i have one of those little disposable blue refuelling gloves in the car. Fill the car with £90 worth of diesel wearing the...
  14. Shamaz Majid

    HELP! W210 ATF Filling Reservoir

    Hi guys, I would be very grateful for your urgent help. I noticed last night that oil was dripping from the bottom of the car. Fearing the worst, I took it to a garage this morning who have confirmed that the ATF pipe under the radiator has corroded. I now need to make a 250 mile...
  15. tpwuk

    Filling out my rear arches??!

    My CLK has got a set of 18" AMG reps fitted. The front wheels fill out the arches very nicely, however, the rears just don't sit right to me. I know a staggered set up would mean wider rear tyres but I've not got staggered wheel sizes. Are spacers an option for me to help fill out the rear...
  16. T

    Filling Problem

    Last night I went to top up my Diesel E220 (08 W211) and the pump kept shutting off due to the fule blowing back. left it a couple of secs to try again and I could hear the fuel gurgling back down the filler. I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago at the same garage (different pump). Topped...
  17. PJayUK

    Are there two filling plugs on an S320 rear diff?

    Had a nose under my car in preperation for the job of draining and refilling my rear diff. I noticed that there appear to be two 14mm hex headed bolts on the top left and top right of the back diff (on the vertical back plate facing the back end of the car) both look like what has been...
  18. A

    Filling up cost me £49.32!!!

    Filled up from almost zero today, and its the first time i've ever filled up to the rim and paid sub-fifty pounds!! I remember a few months back filling up for £70 on super unleaded... when it was 1.26p per litre! now its 98.9! amazing! Hooooraaaayyy for petrol prices! :bannana: :bannana...
  19. glojo

    A funny thing happened at the filling station

    Last night my wife was minding her own business getting fuel for our T55AMG. She was stood at the rear of our car happily watching the money mount up on the machine when all of a sudden the pump stopped! A man came running to-wards her shouting in a very loud and excited voice... "Stop for...
  20. mstar01

    fuel filling constant clicking

    guys i have a problem, ever since i brought my car, when i fill up the "clicking" noise occurs even when i have no petrol in the car/only put in 30p of fuel and i have to limit the flow sooooooooooooo much that it take agesssssss to fill and a big arm ache. Is there something wrong with the...
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