1. Davycc

    One letter can really change a film

    OK I've unashamedly stole this from another forum. Easy really just change one letter in a film or song title to completely change it. I'll start with a few. TOP BUN - A young Paul Hollywood falls for Mary Berry whilst training to be a pastry chef. In a tent! THE ****ET LIST - A man...
  2. CLSMark

    Who's your favourite actor, or film

    I love anything with Clint Eastwood. Or at the other end of the macho scale, I like Tom Hanks, As for movies Fistful of dollars trilogy Planes Trains, Automobiles. Good Will Hunting (Robin Williams scenes mainly) Then for pure escapism, Fast and furious, or anything with Schwarzenegger...
  3. brucemillar

    TFR (Traffic Film Remover) Staining on Black Gloss Trims

    Folks Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a search). My Wife's new X5 has been treated to a wash, at some point in it's past) using TFR. This has developed an 'oily film' stain on the window pillar trims. It is resisting all efforts to remove it. I have tried. Meg's glass cleaner...
  4. T

    Paint Protection Film

    I was considering having Llumar paint protection film applied to the front of my car to help avoid so many stone chips etc. Has anyone had this done? Any thoughts on it? Main problem I guess is you can't use a pressure washer or such like as it would lift the film but for £1000 for just the...
  5. T

    CLS Right hot film mass air flow sensor above limit

    Right guys I'm after some help. When I purchased my 2006/7 CLS cdi it needed a service, to cut a long story short it had one at my expense as the supplying Vauxhall dealer refused. Anyway, once serviced a few faults were found and rectified by the dealer once they agreed they were current...
  6. Red C220

    The Big Short (film)

    This film was mentioned on this forum recently. I think it was by Patagonian. Well I was on a flight last night and noticed it was on the film menu so watched it. It is excellent. The whole mortgage mess in the USA that triggered the world financial meltdown was presented in a palatable...
  7. Tayterash

    C220 coopes bumper film wanted

    Is their any clear film available to stop the bumper getting scratched when stuff goes in an out? A kit or if anyone can recommend summert will be great. :thumb:
  8. T

    Headlight Film.

    Is this suitable for headlights, seen some from Bulgaria but would rather buy it from this country. Safety & Security Window Film Sticky Back Clear Glass Protection Anti Shatter UV | eBay
  9. Giantvanman

    A safety film from 1934

    Watch for the newspaper headline a few seconds in…how many deaths?? 6PTrY5O6dig
  10. grober

    heads up-the bridges at Toko-Ri FILM 4 NOW

    Excellent war movie on Naval Aviators in the Korean war- RECORD IT!
  11. KoFidee

    mashup film Hells club

    very clever editing and soundtrack
  12. Giantvanman

    Name a film you have watched at least….

    …five times but still enjoy. Very few fit this criteria but a recent one for me is, "What We Did On Our Holiday" with Rosamund Pike, David Tenant etc. The trailer does not do the film justice. JUY23_cfI4o
  13. ringway

    The Best Film Soundtrack or TV Theme.

    There are many to choose from, but what is your favourite, and why? I'll start with the one below. I can't really say it's the best film I've watched, but I think the soundtrack, especially when played on a decent system, is fabulous. :cool: AFa1-kciCb4
  14. Robfen100

    Protection Film vs tailored bumper protector

    Anyone had satisfaction applying protection film to a rear bumper? How does it look after a while? do they discolour or go matt? Would we be better-off with a pre-shaped self-adhesive plastic / aluminium / stainless trim as generally seen on estates? Wife has ordered a new golf hatch...
  15. clk208

    Applying protective film to CLS wheelarch - any tips?

    Hi folks, My CLS being prefacelift had the 4 pieces of clear plastic film on it as standard (2 on rear wheel arches, 2 on rear doors) to protect against stonechips. At some point in the car's history one of these (nearside wheel arch piece) was removed and it has picked up a couple of...
  16. Conquistador

    New James Bond film title announced...

    BBC News - Spectre to be title of next James Bond film Sounds like it's going back to the old Bonds, first Casino Royal, now 'Spectre'... SPECTRE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And here's his car for the 2015 film, the DB10: Anyone else see a bit of the new AMG GT in that?
  17. S

    Stone Guard Film on CLS

    How easy is it to replace the stone guard film that surrounds the rear wheels on a 2010 CLS and any ideas how much they are. The film on the lower side skirt is a bit frayed in places now so if possible I would like to remove and replace with a new one? Thanks
  18. developer

    One Film, What Would It Be?

    I'm just off to watch the third Bourne film and it got me thinking. If you had to pick one film, just one, as your favourite - what would it be? Mine would be Terminator, the original one - I was fascinated by the indestructible, unstoppable man/robot/skeleton concept. I remember how he...
  19. Rashman

    Elise & Atom to appear in new Star Wars film..

  20. verytalldave

    Huge bear interupts film crew

    Bear Does Laundry : Samsung Washing Machine Commercial - Adpressive - YouTube
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