1. mercmanuk

    4k films wanted not tv calibration!!!!!!

    has anyone any 4k films they want to sell
  2. mercmanuk

    4k films wanted

    has anyone any 4k films they have watched and want to sell or swop cheers all
  3. st13phil

    Man films entire holiday in "selfie" mode

    I couldn't help but laugh at this one: Irish dad films Las Vegas holiday of lifetime on GoPro but realises too late camera was in selfie mode
  4. 219

    Mercedes-Benz promotional films

    Thought these might be of interest
  5. Dieselman

    Interesting films to see?

    Has anyone got any tips for interesting films to see. The other night Mrs Dm and I went to see L'inconnu du lac and tonight it's Under the Skin. Any suggestions?
  6. D

    Your Top Three Favourite Films.

    As an oppo to the 'worst movie' thread, I thought I'd see what peoples top three films were. And we'll have none of this picking four or five or six, so on and so forth; JUST THREE :D. Capeesh? Mine are, in no particular order; On The Waterfront, Viva Zapata!, The Godfather II...
  7. smudgelab

    Merc's in films...

    Sat and watched Jason Statham in "Blitz" yesterday ad noticed his car (link here), did it ever belong to any to anyone from this site? Or is my "noobness" shining through and I've missed a thread on it already? 1988 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEC [C126] in "Blitz, 2011" Cheers...:thumb:
  8. A

    Any users with a Nextbase DVD trying to get films on an SD card - what format?

    Hello I have recently upgraded from one nextbase unit to another. The new one has the ability to store films on an SD card or USB pen. I'm trying to copy films to an SD card (2gb one) and its not reading the format? I've tried Mpeg4, DivX and Avi. The instructions are not very helpful...
  9. ringway

    Know your films?

    Have a look at this. Quite a good idea if your a movie buff. Some of them are a bit tricky though. Basically you get 3 pictures, and are given 60 seconds to guess what movie they are talking about, sounds simple? not so much! See how many you can score out of 50. CLOCKBUSTERS.
  10. KillerHERTZ Blu Ray 25% off selected films

    Sale on at, enter the code BLUFEB for an addtional 25% off! HERE I have just bought the Blu Ray ALIEN Anthology for £20.99 delivered! :bannana:
  11. ringway

    Public Information Films.

    On The National Archives site (LINK) I found this section containing many Public Information Films. The first film listed is "Coughs and Sneezes" from 1945. Fantastic! There aren't many Public Information Films these days and browsing the site takes me back.. LINK.
  12. ROBB

    Laptop Films Through TV ?

    So i recently discover Blinkbox, and get a load of stuff to watch for free. I cannot abide watching films on the laptop so i bought a VGA/RGB lead to plug into the side of my TV (a la Wii / Gamecube etc); but i cannot get it to work :( :wallbash::wallbash: Has anyone achieved this ??? Cheers rob
  13. robert.saunders

    old films into HD

    How does this work? I've recently acquired SkyHD and the HD movie channels feature some old greats that are in "HD" but as they were not High Definition when made.... Similar issue with blu-ray discs of old movies...?
  14. bigyin1

    30second bunny re-make of films

    Some very funny ones...
  15. mercmanuk

    mafia films

    what would be the best gangster/mafia films of all time,my nieces homework!!!
  16. Godot

    Can't Watch Cowboy Films Anymore

  17. mercmanuk

    hd dvd films wanted

    just got a new laptop with hd dvd player,has anyone got any hd films going cheap so i can give it a try,send p.m if you wish
  18. whitenemesis

    Mercedes in Films

    An interesting website
  19. A

    Best Car Chase films

    Hello, With All the talk about Mercs etc in films, what do people think are the best car chase films..... what ever car I think for realiusm Ronin has to be high on the list.
  20. R

    Downloading films

    I have just realised that my laptop can write DVDs :o I wondered then can I download films that I have on video and replace them with my own DVD. Pardon my naivity but how, what, when and where plus any problems or guidance? Cheers Guys
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