1. Drewpy

    w245 replacing fuel filter

    Hi All, I'm going to replace the diesel fuel filter on my B200 CDi and wondered if I need to prime the filter first before installing? Also on the original filter, there is a little bracket to hold a multi plug, the new one doesn't have this. Is this an issue? I've used Merc parts (filter...
  2. M

    2006 CLS 320CDI diesel fuel filter

    Hi all, I have just looked online to buy a diesel fuel filter for my 2006 CLS 320CDI and found there are two available. One with a water sensor coupling and one without. As I don't have the car with me today, I am wondering which one my car has - or could have? Could I buy the one...
  3. J

    C63 Servicing (Gearbox Oil & Filter)

    Hi All, My 2014 C63 (standard) is up for a service and to maintain the extended warranty (purchased by the previous owner) I need to get it serviced by a main dealer. Whilst I'm reasonably happy to do this, they tell me that in addition to the standard service at £339 it also need the air...
  4. L

    W166 -ML350 Bluetec Air Filter replacement - STAR required ?

    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer to this when searching via Google... I replaced the air filters on both sides myself - does the car need to be advised via STAR that these have been replaced ? Have got a MBII and there is no option in this to perform this - when looking online, some...
  5. 190

    M276 oil filter

    In case this hasn't been posted before, anyone with an M276 engine should be aware of the consequences of not using the correct filter. Crazy bit of detail design on MB's part that the engine can be completely wrecked by using the filter from the previous engine version.
  6. 1

    Filter question

    I know this has probably been asked previously, but has anyone replaced the filter in the power steering system. I can't find out if and when it should be changed, if at all. How often do you change the fluid? Nothing wrong with the steering, just doing preventative maintainance. Thanks...
  7. G

    W211 E270 Oil Filter size

    Hi all, What size of a wrench/socket do you need for removal and installation of the oil filter in a 2004 W211 E270 CDI? Thanks in advance
  8. clk320x

    Oil / Filter

    Having no confidence in the MB parts department Can anyone confirm whether the oil and filter I received is correct for my car It's 10L of 229.5 PKW-Synthetic and filter A000 180 26 09 Vehicle: CLK320 W209 Petrol M112 Thanks Abs
  9. G

    Oil filter change

    Hi to everyone! I am about to change the oil filter on my 2.4 litre C240 engine. I notice that along with the new filter there is a bag of different sizes of 'O' rings, about five or six. The last time I changed the filter I found that it had two small 'O' rings on the central, black plastic...
  10. DaleB

    500E Air filter cover support post

    Hi all, Anyone know the part number for the support post at the rear of the engine (M119) that the filter housing clips to. There's two of the with a central rubber section bonded to threaded posts that screw into the valve covers Cheers Dale
  11. T

    What are the symptoms of an E270 auto box that needs a fluid and filter change?

    I've only done 900ish miles in my 179,000 mile fsh E270cdi and I don't know when the auto fluid and filter was last done. It's a 2004 E270cdi. There is a bit of a whine when the car is pulling away or under load and I'm wondering if this could be the auto box complaining about the state of...
  12. Gary Beale

    Air Filter W204 C200 Diesel 2012

    Hi All For the life of me, I can't find a definitave instruction on how to change the above. There are loads on the 250 and the 350 but nothing on my model year. Can anyone help please?
  13. C180AMG71

    Air Filter Change

    This is the biggest air filter i've seen in a car. Upgrading to a lovely K&N one next week where I will only have to wash the filter every 10,000 miles and it saves me the cost of a new air filter come service time. Also the K&N will let the car breath more easily as its less restrictive...
  14. S

    w204 180cdi fuel filter replacement

    There seem to be various types I could buy: With no filter heater With water capture connection Without level measurement The prices vary wildly from 16 euros for a Mann to 60 euros fr Man or Knecht. So, any hints on which to buy and any hints on changing it (since I don't yet know...
  15. D

    W204 C250 CDI - Fuel Filter

    Hi guys, Car is having a few issues under WOT hiccups and also the occasional fuel pressure low fault so starting with (what I thought) would be a routine serviceable item the fuel filter I asked my local Indy MB specialist about it and he said it's in the fuel tank and it's a lifetime item...
  16. c180081c

    C200CDI Air Filter Location & Removal

    Hi Guys, Anybody have any documented info on the above? its for a friends car and ive never seen the engine bay. 2012 W204 C200 CDI Estate
  17. G

    Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance

    It's time to replace my E320CDI Estate and I would like a used E350 CDI Estate (post 2009 model), as I particularly like the six cylinder engines, but I am dithering. First:- I have now reduced my motoring from 12k miles per year down to about 7-8k mile,pa and I am wondering if this is a...

    ML55 ATF and filter change.

    I have searched through my owners manual and can't find the specs for ATF so I'm looking at Valvoline Max Life with a shot of Lubeguard Platinum to change the transmission fluid. Also, I can't find the capacity how much is required to refill. I know I cannot completely drain the system so...
  19. A

    Worst air filter you have seen?

    I just check my air filter after it been serviced. 3 year old car with fully MB service history. See attached
  20. V

    W163 (ML270) Fuel Filter Housing/Pipes

    Just serviced my ML and now it will not start!. Noticed the fuel filter housing is cracked and the connector/pipe to the fuel tank is very brittle (Assume air being drawn in hence not starting) If I fill fuel line/filter then does run but wont restart as soon as I switch off (Lots of air bubbles...
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