1. AngryDog

    E55 Air filters

    I currently have 2 "Spectre" filters on my E55, but I know nothing about them and google doesn't really help. I also have the original filter boxes and "V" for the supercharger. Which is better to use? The filters are these ones; Cheers.
  2. Y8cel

    Carbon Diffuser and K&N Filters

    Having just sold my 2013 C63 Coupe I have a BOCA Carbon Diffuser and a pair of K&N Filters (done 5k miles) Diffuser £350 Filters £50
  3. clk320x

    Who makes Merc Fuel Filters

    Hey guys, Are MB fuel filters Bosch? I was looking at mine then local dealer wants £90, MBNewcaslte £78, or ECP £40 for Bosch.. I had a look at the current filter on mine when it was on the ramp and it had a Bosch stamp on it? Not sure if it's OEM tho Cheers Abs
  4. BaldGuy

    Xxx audi s6 5.2 v10 - milltek exhaust & filters xxx

    Audi S6 V10 5.2 Saloon For Sale 2007/07 Audi S6 Saloon 99500 Miles Full Service History with a huge wallet of receipts Black with Black leather Nearly all MOT documents Full Privacy glass, Fronts as well in a light smoke Full Carbon Interior kit Carbon dipped dashboard...
  5. R

    Cabin dust filters

    Hi, Is there anyway I can tell if my 1995 w124 e250 should have been fitted with cabin dust filters, ie: from the vin number. the reason I asked is the Main dealer charged me for replacing them at a major service a few years back. Now I have the time to do my own servicing, I find they are not...
  6. S

    Is it worth changing air filters early?

    I have usually changed the air filter annually, around every 20k, on my previous cars as they were easy and relatively cheap. The schedule for my OM642 is 4 years or approx every 46k, and was last done during the service before last. The mileage currently is 78k, with the next service due @...
  7. T

    What brand filters?

    Hi all, I've just purchased a E320 cdi 2007 and wondering what make air and fuel filters are best to get, MANN, Bosch or Crosland? Many thanks for any advice
  8. N

    C63 BMC Air filters

    Only installed for 2,500 miles. Cleaned (not really dirty at all) and re-oiled Still with original boxes £55 for the pair +£10 P&P
  9. Cyclone1

    2x K&N Filters - fit CLS/E63 5.5 + others

    2x K&N Air Filters 33-2474 Only used for 400 miles. Flow better than standard and are also shallower in depth so offer less restriction in the air boxes. Fit all 5.5 Bi-Turbo engined AMG's and also some 4.7 bi turbo engined cars (E500 etc) - all 2011 onwards. Only for sale as bought a...
  10. tcb180

    Cabin Filters W211 V6 CDi

    Can anyone clarify just how many cabin filters I will have and where to locate them please. She is a 2007 facelift E320 CDi V6 with the four way digital cabin climate system. Also, other than oil, fuel & Air filters. Are there any other serviceable areas of concern such as carbon canisters etc?
  11. C

    E63 Panel Filters

    Anyone know if panel filters will make any difference on the 5.5 biturbo engine in terms of power, or noise.......or am I just being 19 again?
  12. Arctree

    Oil Filters

    Duff poll alert: I meant to input Mahle so any vote for Mehre is a vote for Mahle. So, being a Mercedes Newbie I marveled at the oil filter at the top of the engine on my C220 W203 Coupe and saw an opportunity. Since cleanliness is next to Christian Godliness I decided to try a pile of...
  13. Jim55

    Mann filters

    Are mann oil filters any good , im gona change the oil in my c class (w204 220 cdi 2008) and euro reccomended these , should i just go to dealer and get the mb one , any idea how much itl b
  14. R

    M113K performance air filters

    my apologies if this is in the wrong department, but could I ask to who has what performance air filters fitted to their modified M113K 55 engined cars. I currently have piper cross which for me out seeded K&N, but have had ongoing issues with the seal and the filter splitting, so looking to...
  15. Justin1600

    Pair of used / clean C43 Air Filters

    A pair of clean genuine C43 AMG Air Filters £20
  16. RyanMuller

    New Air Filters for C32 AMG

    Got K&N's but too chicken to re-oil them. If I get new ones, what do people recommend?
  17. Growy16

    Air filters C63

    Having looked into what is required for an internal upgrade to my engine if I decide to go the forced induction route I am still undecided. The longevity of the engine if it is supercharged is paramount. The cost for the upgrade is high. At this stage I am mulling over other options for...
  18. sjmaxwell

    pair of M113 air filters (and other engines) - A2730940404

    Brand new genuine Mercedes air filters for M113 and other engines in original box £35, free post to mainland UK
  19. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 air filters removal

    Hi all, can anyone explain how to remove the air filters please. Am able to get the front grey cover off but cant see how to go any further and dont want to "hawl and pull" at grey bits:eek: encase I break something. Photos would be even better. Thanks
  20. Cyclone1

    Only Popped into the Dealers for some filters.....

    And came away with these..............
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