1. Druk

    Care Home financial advice reqd.

    The story so far... Mother is in a care home (in their rules apply) and is currently 'fully funded'. This situation may/is likely to change come the next revue in Sept. Her current financial state is that all her assets are in cash, over which I have LPOA. There are insufficient...
  2. J

    Financial watchdog to investigate car leasing market
  3. I

    Sub £20k C63 Financial Suicide?

    Just sat browsing Autotrader as you do and have noticed the C63's are coming in under £20k now. So discounting the write-off's and others with a dubious past and assuming you do your homework with regard to service history etc are there any major pitfalls lurking round the corner which will...
  4. D

    MB to target younger drivers with Financial Services

    Had a quick look at the Daimler 2015 Q3 Interim Report here. And a couple of things that caught my eye from DC Financial Services (my emphasis) Double-digit growth in new business in Europe In the Europe region, new business increased compared with the prior-year period by 16% to €6.3...
  5. Gucci

    A friend in financial pickle

    An old friend of ours (62) has spoken recently of his increasingly troublesome financial pressures. His wife (61) can't work anymore through ill health. They tried incapacity benefit for her but were told she couldn't claim as her husband worked over 20 hours a week. He's a carpenter in...
  6. brucemillar

    Financial Guru Required. PPI v PPP

    Folks I believe that I am entitled to claim back on mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. So I duly wrote off to the lender and included all my documents etc and clearly stated my claim. I got a super fast response that stated that I had bought a Payment Protection Plan (PPP) and not Payment...
  7. Red C220

    Financial legal question concerning unsecured debt.

    Hopefully amoung the ranks we have a financial specialst who deals with debts and such like. My dear old Dad has terminal cancer. It's not a surprise, He's been battling cancer since he was 60 and has beaten the odds so far as he approaches 75 but it's caught up with him and he now has a...
  8. Satch

    Financial misery in Dubai

    Always going to go wrong at some point but today I found out what Emirates actually means: English Managed Indian Run Arabs Taking Enormous Salaries
  9. buccal

    Financial Suicide....

    Today i unexpectedly spent the afternoon in this: martin james cars : mercedes cl600 auto Tell me it would ruin me:crazy:, Please.....
  10. W

    Postal strikes - missing financial deadlines

    Just a quick heads-up. I've been told by my accountant that missing Government financial deadlines due to the postal strike is not a valid reason. eg. Filling to Companies House Tax Self Assessment VAT Though the penalty appeal process may be sympathetic towards reasons due to the postal...
  11. ringway

    Financial Planning.

    Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune. One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most...
  12. Satch

    Financial markets and the Chinese Curse

    Contrary to popular belief, there are three: 1. May you find what you are looking for 2. May you come to the attention of those in authority 3. May you live in interesting times 2 and 3 have already come true. 1, being the "solution" to the current banking woe, may come true...
  13. Sp!ke

    Good Financial advice?

    Anyone here a financial advisor or can recommend a good one? Looking for sensible but inventive advice regarding inheritance tax.
  14. D

    Financial Advice on Car Purchace Pls.

    Hi all currently looking for a CLK (W208) to buy. In a bit of a dilemna though. Heres the scenario: Have some cash to be able to afford say a W208 230 kompressor 2000 facelift at say 17k top end price. Thing is dont know if I want to tie all that cash in a depreciating asset. Especially...
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