1. Screwdriver

    WTB: W115 300 Diesel RHD w/ AC (Finder's fee offered)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a W115 /8 300D with A/C. Must be a rust free, pristine example. I will have the car examined by my MB specialist prior to purchase so the owner must be okay with this. I will pay a 5% of the agreed upon final agreed upon value as a finders fee once complete...
  2. moonloops

    A pothole finder..

    .. Elastic band tyres :D Used 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Buckinghamshire | Pistonheads
  3. J

    Workshop manual? Part number finder?

    Hi guys is there anything about that I can get hold of like a workshop manual, just for things like removing headlining etc? Also is there a exploded diagram of areas of the car for part numbers? My local dealer is useless and won't help without me taking the car for them to look at and...
  4. S

    Star finder

    Until recently I was relying on an on-line version of Star finder but that seems to have stopped working. A quick google search lead me to this: starfinder v3, Mercedes-Benz Starfinder V3 - GBP£35.77 - GBP£36.37 Can anybody vouch for this seller and the product or indeed offer any other...
  5. Carlo

    Location Finder

    Here's a nice ( German ) site that shows you the location of connectors,switches etc... on several mercedes cars. Carlo
  6. High-Lo

    Acronym Finder

    Try this link for those who don't know your IMHO from your IIRC, etc.
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