1. N

    Need help finding this part (boot related)

    Hi, I've been trying to look for a part which is connected to the boot but I don't know what it is called (picture below). I don't have any power to the boot by the lock, it can only open by the key. Does any one know what this part is called or where I can find one? Don't have a scrap yard...
  2. JohnnyAMG

    Finding a part number

    Are there any websites to look up MB part numbers for your individual car? When i was driving a BMW I was able to log into a website and search official parts numbers which made it easier to find 2nd hand parts or OEM parts on eBay. In particular I am looking for a parts diagram for a 2003...
  3. R

    An ask from across the pond. Finding the part # for Euro Spec R231/SL Sport Springs

    Team: I will pay the first person who correctly posts the Euro Spec Sport Spring part #s for the R231 (2013+ Sl550/Sl500)... currently there is no one in the states, and I've contacted dozens of people, who knows these part #s -- the front and the rear spring Mercedes part #s. I'm happy to...
  4. SMed08

    New member, looking to finding first AMG

    Hi guys. I've been looking recently to get an E55K W211 AMG. Have absolutely fallen in love with them. Been watching the usual places, eBay, Autotrader and Piston Heads. Going to see a few this weekend. What are the best things to look for specific to these models? Tips to easily check...
  5. O

    Finding an Indy to fix my sunroof

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest or recommend an indy to repair my Panoramic Sunroof which is stuck in tilt? The car is a 2002 C220 CDi Sports Coupe and I think there's something jammed in the mechanism of the left motor. I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks
  6. D

    Help in finding a hdmi 2 way spitter.

    Coming towards the final stages of the re-vamp of our daughters bedroom. I'm considering buying a 'magic eye' to link her TV into the Sky HD+ box. As the magic eye works through co-axle cable I'm guessing the picture on her TV will not be in HD? So I'm thinking I should link her TV through a...
  7. DSM10000

    Finding someone whao has gone to ground!

    A little unusual request for the Forum but we have such wide experience and expertise on here I thought it worth asking for general advice: I need to trace someone so that a Court order may be served on them. Notification of the hearing has already been served on them by a Process Server...
  8. S

    Help me finding a missing part for the door..

    I managed to mess up last time i was cleaning the car. I somehow got stuck with the microfiber cloth at a small trim piece at the left side door, when wiping the car clean after washing. It got partly ripped off. Now half of it is sitting 2-4mm out, away from the door. The piece is located...
  9. T

    Advice re finding a independent service garage for a VW

    Hiya, SWMBO's VW Touran has a engine management light saying take to workshop. The car is 10y old but has been perfect till now. My question is this Forget main dealer. Would you take to a general garage? A VW specific garage? And how would you get a handle on workmanship/reputation...
  10. Charles Morgan

    Finding a part for my W114 - where to look?

    My 5 speed gearbox is missing a part, A1152607737, which is the lever that shifts between 3rd and 4th. I have tried Inchcape but no joy, a search is being done at another MB parts supplier just in case. I have looked at Niemoller, DB Depot, SLS, MB classics, Glauner, Classic Mercedes. I'll...
  11. A

    Finding all the "W" very confusing

    Hi all. Being new to MB i never imagined there would be so many different models, all of them W's:doh: Ive just about worked out mines a W204 but wondering if there is a list anywhere of whats what? Silly me thought a C class was a C class etc etc. Have to say though, im loving the car,
  12. M

    Finding out original build spec

    As the title really, coming from a BMW there was a website where you could put your vin number in and find out the original build spec. Is there such a thing for Mercedes? I had my car down with Paul at Eurocharged today who gave the car a thorough checkover and one thing noted was that the car...
  13. E

    Looking froward to finding out more about my mercs

    Hi to you all Located in the south of England and southern Spain, have a W169 A180 CDI as my uk motor, and have just brought myself a W124 260E Leftie on UK plates for getting to Spain. My W124 260E Auto, is a 1988 one owner, out of Hamburg via Egypt before arriving in the UK in 1995...
  14. C

    Help with finding some new wheels please

    Could someone please help me finding some new 19" wheels ? :-) I ordered a new set Friday and had them fitted today. Except they didn't fit ! They were 8.5 et 42. Front wheel touched the shock ! Got 4 new continental tyres sitting in the garage awaiting my return to be fitted asap.. The...
  15. chriss428

    help finding my old car w124 boys in London area please view

    Hi guys in the process of finding my old w124 found a guy in London area named Nav Sharma he also has a white Sierra comfort if anyone knows the name or the cars please let me know cheers Chris
  16. W

    R129 roof ... Fault finding

    Hi all, Last weekend I popped out and put the roof down. On returning home I pushed the button to put the roof up and nothing. (It had been working the 3 weeks I have owned the car faultless I don't think I can hear anything when push forward to bring the hood up. Pushing back does...
  17. Hayabusa1984

    Help Finding Right Double Din Head Unit For My S211

    Hi just wondering if anyone more up to speed with current head unit's can help me find the one I'm looking for, it needs to be double din with built in sat nav, bluetooth, DAB, dvd and rear parking camera. I don't want chinese as I still believe they are unreliable, cheap looking and software is...
  18. A

    Finding out what extras car has?

    Hi guys not sure if right part of forum, Looking to find out if my car has any extras is there a website that can tell me? I know you can for a BMW type in reg and tells you all Cheers in advance ! :thumb:
  19. ItalianTuneUp

    Anyone finding CoPilot Satnav software buggy?

    I'm using the 'facelift' version of the popular CoPilot satnav software on an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S2), and after using this updated version for the last couple of months I have been appalled at how buggy it seems to be. The previous version was quite stable but this newer version...
  20. ShaunB

    Finding mercedes part numbers

    Guys Is there a way to find part number? I was going to order either ridged mats, or AMG mats online you see. Cheers
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