1. Palfrem

    More dubious research findings?

    BBC News - Passive smoking 'doubles hearing loss risk among teens' First of all, I don't smoke, but.... Surely teen ears are at greater risk of damage from ipods and other MP3 players running at hazardous decibel levels directly into the ear? Should there be a equally vigorous "downer"...
  2. milker1mbc

    My new MAS failed - interesting findings

    I had a new MAS fitted at a recent B service and the car ran like new with lots of oomph, then after a couple of days I suddenly had the old problem of having to drive like a granny and any attempted hard acceleration resulted in severe sulking from the front end (no power and no change up). I...
  3. V

    Mercedes E300 TD, a few findings.

    Well, getting used to driving the Merc now, after a few BMW's and the like, I have a few things to say.. 1) Galvanised Bodies should never have any more than surface rust on them, I have a nine year old 5 owner 406 outside with 130K on it with not a spot of rust anywhere! Why then does my...
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