1. B

    Speeding NIP Vito Sport Dualiner - Massive fine

    Guys - this may be old hat BUT: I got nicked in Scotland for doing over 60mph in my Vito Sport. I thought the speed limit was 70mph on a dual carriageway. But found that I was classed as a commercial vehicle and so my limit apparently was 50mph. I got so much mixed information about whether the...
  2. F

    The dreaded 'top up coolant' warning, but level is fine?

    So after a dreaded 'top up coolant' warning on my CLS63, I checked the water level and it's pretty much where it's been for the last 6 months Oil level has gone down very slightly if anything, not risen, no excessive white steam from exhaust even in this cold weather, only thing I can think of...
  3. L

    W210 E230 rough idle, almost stalling in drive but fine in park or neutral.

    Any help will be appreciated if someone can guide me in the right direction. Mileage is 173000 km. Transmission also makes a whining sound. Not sure if that is a separate issue though. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  4. grober

    VAG to recall half a million cars in the US.

    VW have been found guilty of using specific software to fiddle their smog emission test results. :o:o:o The cars ECU was programmed to detect when the car was being tested for smog emission as opposed to driving along the road normally and switch to a smog emission lowering mode for the...
  5. jfhuk

    Removing fine glass scratches

    I'm getting very fine scratches appearing on all windows of my 3 year old E class. Merc spec glass seems to suffer more from this than other manufacturers.What's the best proven methods to remove them that people have found?
  6. T

    Parking fine advice

    Hi you legal eagles. I am mad with rage. Two days ago in torrential rain I parked in a space between two vehicles not noticing that the van to my left had gone over his dedicated space so forcing each each car including myself to do the same. When I returned an hour later all the...
  7. A

    Parking Fine - HELP and advice please. Im amazed!!

    Hi All I can't believe the conversation I've just had! In brief I parked in a rush and forgot to put my blue badge on display. I was seeing my consultant at hospital and had a lot on my mind. Ended up with a ticket! Emailed explaining what had happened and heard nothing. Just received a...
  8. SilverSaloon

    W124 - no central LOCK (unlock is fine), also no light left on buzzer

    hi i replaced the ignition lock on the 1994 diesel W124 estate the other week. Since then the central locking only unlocks the car, locking requires the drivers door pin to be pushed down. also the lights left on buzzer no longer works. Any ideas if there are any wiring or plugs i've...
  9. Piff

    Parking "fine"

    Number 2 son works in a commercial unit on an industrial estate. Occasionally when his units carpark is full his and/or other staff menbers cars and company vans have parked on a wide grass verge adjacent to the unit. Having said this there is no admission that he was the driver of that car at...
  10. Druk

    An alternative to a speeding fine?

    Would this be more effective than a £10000 fine for speeding on the motorway?
  11. R

    Up to £10k fine for speeding on motorway Seems a bit extreme but prompted me to ask a question: are national speed limits now enforced by cameras on some motorways eg M25 in Kent? I saw the new Hadecs3 cameras flashing when variable speed limits were not switched on. I'd estimate the car in...
  12. smillion

    German Police fine my son ...

    My 19 year old son is on a road trip around Europe ( a large car show in Woerthersee Austria, and down to Venice) however the edge was taken off the trip down by getting stopped in his 2007 VW Golf - fined 65€ for not having washers on his head lights .... ...... His car has had an HID...
  13. M

    '95 W202 key turns fine, car won't start

    Hi, I have a '95 W202 C220. It was fine all day yesterday when I was running around town visiting friends and shopping. Easily clocked a little over 100KM. Returned home late last night. There were no instances of bad/weak cranking or choking. This morning the car won't start. Here are some...
  14. Cleggmeister

    1990 W124 200E, missing a gear, o/d, or fine?

    Hi folks, At 60mph my gal is doing around 3400rpm and would love another gear. I don't think there is another in the transmission but wanted to post in case I'm missing a trick? Many thanks. Cleggy.
  15. Palfrem

    Parking fine whilst waiting in a queue of traffic

    BBC News - Man in Bradford traffic queue given parking ticket This just harvesting drivers isn't it. It can't be right that a moving car just drives down the road and "snap" £60 fine please.
  16. Bakili

    Anyone fancy buying parking fine

    Parking Ticket which I cannot afford | eBay
  17. knighterrant

    Text-driving fine to rise to £90

    Text-driving fine to rise to £90 | IT PRO Unfortunately I doubt that raising the fine to £90 will make the slightest difference to any of the total idiots who use their hand-helds whilst driving. For reasons totally beyond me, the police don't seem that bothered either. At best they may wag a...
  18. P

    W124 engine harness (old and knackered is fine)

    Hi, I need to sort the harness on my 1994 E280 W124. Would anyone have a knackered old one lying around that I could use? I want to take a duff one and use it as a template/connector donor to make a new one. The part number is 124 440 5332, but anything close would be better than nothing. Any...
  19. touringmark

    E320 starts fine then ......the judder starts

    so my E320 starts fine but then after a while start to get a bit of a judder from the engine some days its really bad at traffic lights some times have to slip into neutral so i can give the engine a bit of gas . I am assuming this could be fuel injectors as it gets a bit better once the...
  20. Palfrem

    RBS LIBOR fine

    BBC News - Libor scandal: RBS fined £390m So, 21 wrong-doers responsible. I wonder how many will be charged with anything?
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