1. markmifsud

    VW fined in Emissions Probe

    Seems VW have been fined $14.7 billion thats gonna hurt someone.
  2. st13phil

    Oh dear, indignant lycra lout fined £400 for speeding in Richmond Park

    Once again, a cyclist who thinks the rules don't apply to him. But they do... :D
  3. bob6600

    Halfords gets fined £32k for missing 11/20 defects

    A trading standards sting saw a Vauxhall Astra deliberately fitted with problems booked in for a £235 service at Halford in Bristol Halfords fined £32,000 after failing to spot 11 defects while servicing a rigged car - Mirror Online
  4. Satch

    Mercedes-Benz and dealers fined £2.6m over price-fixing

    Commercial vehicles but oh dear, not good Mercedes-Benz and dealers fined £2.6m over price-fixing - Telegraph
  5. crockers

    Disabled driver fined

    Hi a friend of mine who has a blue badge has been given a ticket for having displayed it upside down. Madness or what. When she appealed told tough. The warden took a photo. Wonder why he didn't turn camera upside down to read it. I know technically they're right but this strikes me as...
  6. MercFanUk

    Segway user fined for pavement use

    BBC Article: BBC News - Segway motor scooter commuter loses legal challenge Was fined £75, plus £250 court costs for using his segway on the pavement... I don't see how it's any different to the one bazillion age concern scooters I see on pavements every day? Does this now mean all Segway...

    **offence code a700 - stopped and fined!**

    So I'm driving home yesterday and notice a marked police car on my tail following me for about 500m or so. I knew they were following me and saw one of the guys in the car jotting down notes whilst looking at my number-plate. 2mins later, they flashed their lights and directed me to pull over...
  8. ringway

    Driver who flashed others to warn of police speed trap is fined £175.

    Driver, 64, who flashed headlights to warn fellow motorists of speed trap hauled to court and fined for 'obstructing police' Michael Thompson believed he was doing his 'civic duty' by alerting drivers on the opposite side of a dual carriageway. He is seen here outside Grimsby...
  9. pamrit

    Man City Stars fined over illegal tinted windows

    Looks like they tightening up on the law, but what's £30 to this lot! Five Manchester City stars have been fined by police who spotted their vehicles' tinted windows were too dark as they arrived at training. Shay Given, Kolo Toure, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland...
  10. J

    Fined for walking dog while driving?

    BBC News - Man drove car while 'walking' dog in County Durham:eek: Is this mentioned in the Highway Codes?
  11. AMG-Al

    Fined for blowing nose

    Can you believe this? As if paying for fuel and insurance whilst dodging speed cameras and potholes isn't enough, now we have to deal with this.....
  12. D

    Fined £1000 for racing at A9

    Only in Scotland...............:D Police reach 117mph in A9 chase AN UNMARKED police car reached speeds of 117mph as it pursued two vehicles up the A9, Perth Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
  13. robert.saunders

    Mail Columnist Grumbles About Being Fined For Driving In A Bus Lane

    Daily Mail columnist, Tom Utley, laments the decision by Lambeth Council for fining him £120 for driving in a bus lane. In his article he says:"The true blame lies with sloppy legislators - we have far too many laws and they are far too complex - and with the police and Crown Prosecution...
  14. 94mattda

    Fined For Leaving You Engine Running

    What ever next... hceck this out and see that this county really is fiunished... first the sue culture and now the tax and fine culture..... all in aid of reducing our carbon footprintsand saving the planet....what a load of S**T just an excuse to tax us...
  15. robert.saunders

    Here he goes again - Boxer Amir Khan has been fined £1,000
  16. Satch

    'Slipping' speed guns may result in innocent drivers being fined

    Strictly embargoed until 09.00 12/9/05 Claims that a hand-held speed gun - used by Police and Camera Safety Partnerships across Devon and Cornwall - can give an inaccurate reading by 'slipping' are made by BBC South West's Inside Out programme tonight at 7.30pm on BBC ONE. The 'slipping'...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    71-year-old man fined for sticking two fingers up at speed camera

    Just heard on the BBC news that a 71 year old man has been prosecuted and fined £100 for sticking two fingers up at a speed camera as he passed it. He said it was an act of defiance as he was only going 20mph. They said he had both hands off the wheel momentarily to make the gesture and...
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