1. cinek

    New speeding fines

    Not sure if this was already mentioned, but it is certainly worth knowing http://
  2. Stratman

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking fines

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking charges Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company With the caveat it happened in Scotland, here's an extract
  3. A

    Speeding fines getting tougher

    This is a bit frightening, might be some hefty fines from April
  4. Stratman

    Robot lawyer bot challenges parking fines

    A chatbot programmed by a British teenager has successfully challenged 160,000 parking tickets since its launch last year. Fill yer boots.
  5. J

    Car parts price-fixing fines for Hitachi and Mitusbishi Electric
  6. grumpyoldgit

    Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines.

    Another cash cow? Beware if using this stretch of motorway. M6 speed restrictions between junctions 10a & 13. Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines - but hundreds let off because of broken cameras « Express & Star
  7. The _Don

    Thousands of 'illegal' private parking fines may be refunded
  8. Colin_b

    Hotel fines customer £100 for bad review.

    BBC News - Trip Advisor couple 'fined' £100 by hotel for bad review And looking at the trip advisor reviews for the hotel, if they fine everyone that leaves a bad review £100, they nust be making a fortune! :eek:
  9. jamesfuller

    Parking fines for a car I sold!

    Time for a rant! I sold a vehicle a few months (Feb) It took over a month to get the letter from DVLA saying I am no longer the registered keeper! I got a parking charge notice through the post with photos (private land), 2 days after I sold it. Next day got another one. So that's...
  10. Stratman

    On-the-spot fines for Middle Lane Owners Club

    New £100 on the spot fines are coming for a range of motoring offences including tailgating and hogging the middle lane. Existing fixed penalties for misusing phones will also be increased to £100. They missed a golden opportunity there. Add instant confiscation of the phone and I'd give them...
  11. brucemillar

    Oh really ? - New Fines for Motorists

    Careless drivers to face fixed fines Last updated 4 hours ago Tailgating and middle-lane hogging will now incur fixed penalties Motorists across Britain who put others at risk through careless driving face on-the-spot fixed penalties under new measures announced by the government. From July...
  12. grober

    Private parking fines

    Interesting discussion on manufacturers mileage figures [there's evidently a new more realistic test almost ready but the manufacturers want it postponed for several years :rolleyes:] , potholes and private parking fines on RADIO 4 "you and yours" this morning. One contribution from an...
  13. markjay

    A question regarding Lanlords, Leases, and fines

    Someone I know was fined by the Landlord for breach of the Lease. I was told by a person affiliated with the Landlord that there is a provision in the Lease for imposing fines in cases where the Lease has been breached. However a friend who happens to be a Managing Agent of many years...
  14. M

    On-the-spot fines planned for careless driving

    BBC News - On-the-spot fines planned for careless driving Good news on the face of it, but it does not seem to address the root cause of tail-gating and 'undertaking': poor lane discipline. I think it's high time drivers were allowed to pass on either side when safe to do so, but I think it's...
  15. ringway

    Drivers keen to avoid parking fines.

    Councils wishing to fill budget deficits with cash from parking fines may be disappointed - because drivers are determined to avoid them, a motoring organisation has said. AA members were asked to pick their motoring New Year resolutions, and by far the most popular was trying to park...
  16. Palfrem

    Speeding & Parking fines

    Speeding & Parking fines vs a fine for a fatality at work Next time you get fined £60 for a speeding outrage - bear this in mind Construction firm fined £1 for fall-from-height fatality | shp Sometimes words fail me.
  17. janner

    If you think speeding fines in the UK are high...

    Look at how the French traffic police work :crazy: "Exceeding the speed limit by 20kph [12.4mph] means that you must pay me a fine of 135 euros [£104]. Every time. .....There is no requirement for me to provide a driver with a photograph of himself breaking the law. We need no pictures...
  18. X

    Does this make you mad...parking fines

    A woman fined £80 for a parking offence after her ticket fell off the windscreen has paid the fine in pennies in protest. Mrs Gebbett, of Chiselhurst, Kent, was issued with a penalty notice in May. She wrote a letter of appeal, asking council staff to see sense and withdraw the fine...
  19. D

    Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photocard driving licences expi

    Thousands of motorists are at risk of being fined up to £1,000 because they are unwittingly driving without a valid licence. They risk prosecution after failing to spot the extremely small print on their photocard licence which says it automatically expires after 10 years and has to be renewed...
  20. Spinal

    Paying NCP Fines...

    Unfortunately, the other day I forgot to put a ticket on my dashboard when I went to the Hillingdon underground station. There to greet me was a ticket when I got back. Problem is, I seem to have lost the ticket - does anyone know how to pay for it online? I went to their site ( but...
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