1. Rowanlaw

    Badly Cut Finger on Sw213

    Embarrassing moment yesterday when I was delivering some boxes to a friend. He badly cut his finger picking up a box from from the boot of my new e-class estate(S213). Beware,the boot catch (see attached) has a seriously sharp edge!
  2. ItalianTuneUp

    Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology

    BBC News - Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology In your opinion, is this a good idea or not? Would you trust banks with your personal biometric data, or not?
  3. T

    E Class Configurator - pull your finger out MB!

    If you go on the MB website you can configure and price a car. Most models. Except the E-Class. Maybe others, I've not checked every model. It's been saying "coming soon, our new configurator" for at least 4 months. You can go on the German site and configure a car, but of course it will be...
  4. Dieselman

    Finger digit ratio

    Does anyone fancy a little test? Measure the length of your right hand index finger (2nd digit) and the length of the right hand ring finger (4th digit). Measure carefully from the crease at the palm to the tip of the fingers, then convert that to a percentage ratio. Example: 2nd digit =...
  5. janner

    How much are the door finger plates off a W210 worth?

    I have someone who wants to buy the carbon fibre look (avantgarde) door trims off the W210. Three are in good condition (although the driver's one has some wear) and one rear one has a stone-chip-spider's-web rust spot. Picture here for clarification of the part. So, what's a fair price for...
  6. M

    Charlie bit my finger....

    Very funny.... probably old but it was new to me :D:bannana::bannana::bannana: Link 1 The remix song version
  7. Petermcu

    Mercedes broke my car and are pointing the finger my way!

    Hello peoples! Just got off the phone to MB repair shop who have informed me that whilst accessing the transmission to replace the oil a casing bolt froze resulting in the head shearing off :crazy:. (Thats no good I thought but at least a new bolt will fix it) He then proceeded to tell me that...
  8. NW_Merc

    Finger lickin' chicken
  9. purplegoddess

    perfect finger control :bannana: :bannana:
  10. Maff

    Carjackers swipe biometric Merc, plus owner's finger

    Here's the full story:
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