1. S

    Newbie... Fingers crossed for tomorrow

    After a break from Mercedes and having a few BMW's and an Audi I'm hoping if the dealer can get to where I want tomorrow on my PX to be taking ownership of a lovely C63 this week. Thought I would say hi in preparation :)
  2. S

    Going in for abc today fingers crossed

    Car went in today to have abc work done, let's hope nothing else needs to be done, just need to get the bit of bonnet chips done and we are ready for the summer!:):):)
  3. P

    Butter fingers!

    Hi All, I just tipped oil all over my engine and I mean ALL over it. I've already been shouted at by the office facilities manager so please, no more pointing and yelling. However, a fair bit is on the exhaust manifold and I was wondering whether I will become a chariot of fire on the way home...
  4. Sp!ke

    Salad Fingers

    My god this is a sinister cartoon, I dont think I've seen anything quite so weird in a long time. :eek: M3iOROuTuMA
  5. C

    Fingers Crossed!

    Put my W124 Coupe into an independant in Erith to get the engine looked at. I was given the guys name through two separate people (one of whom was family) who said he was a good Merc Man. He has already diagnosed worn belt tensioners and he's gonnna look at my leaky engine front and the erratic...
  6. PaulE230

    Spent the day refurbishing my alloys wheels it took me 8 hours and my fingers hurt!

    But They look loads better not perfect but better Next time I think I will leave it to the proffesionals as I bet it doesnt take them 8 hours lol Pics at the bottom of this thread
  7. G-A-R-Y

    Just dropped my car off at Indy, fingers crossed.

    Ive' left my new car (new to me anyway) at the Indy in Bristol. Clonk from Front (ARB links and bushes) Heater plugs (hope they all come out) Oil and filter and check levels (that should be easy) I hope they don't find any thing else too drastic? I don't want this car to turn into a money pit...
  8. pammy

    Please keep your fingers crossed

    We have finally found a house we want to buy. Have been bartering for the past weeks It's now best and final offers by tomorrow lunchtime. We've out ours in and now just have to hope.:crazy: :crazy:
  9. KillerHERTZ

    71-year-old man fined for sticking two fingers up at speed camera

    Just heard on the BBC news that a 71 year old man has been prosecuted and fined £100 for sticking two fingers up at a speed camera as he passed it. He said it was an act of defiance as he was only going 20mph. They said he had both hands off the wheel momentarily to make the gesture and...
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