1. Greyvito

    finished vito project now wont start injector

    Hi all, I have 110 CDI 1999 Vito, I bought the van 2 years back, 98,000k, 2 owners from new, it was a horrible green van but very little rust, so I have stripped it done a full interior and exterior color change to grey, now my problem is when i started this project, the van run fine, it was...
  2. 7om

    CLS 55 AMG - Exhaust mods finished - Thoughts

    Hi, Just a short post for anyone with a CLS interested in modifying their exhaust and what I learnt from it. I had lots of difficulty making my mind up on which way to go with the exhaust on the CLS. Living in Cornwall, I rarely ever get the chance to see another modified Mercedes, let...
  3. Borys

    My CL500 finished :-)

    She is a 2005 mdel with 97K on the clock in black After couple of months of work she's all sorted - abc pump changed - front valve block refurbed (spare one still in hand just in case) - all acumulators removed, cleaned and checked for damage - system flushed 4 times to be sure all dirt is out...
  4. Andrew W

    12 hrs and shes finally finished .

    Corrected my paint with menzerna compounds and had to do 3 stagers to remove all the swirls and RDS then sealed .
  5. J

    Is my gearbox finished?! :(

    I was driving my E320CDI the other night on a very long trip with 4 kids on board. For a while I heard a very faint whining sound, it went louder with the revs and sounded almost like a worn plastic washer sound, a whirring sound. Anyway after a good few hours, it suddenly revved too far...
  6. B

    R230 SL Custom Interior Finished

    Finally finished fitting all the new interior etc. Pleased with it. Before but with the carbon interior in it:
  7. mikemacuk

    slk55 wrap finished. Next - wheels?

    Hi guy's, had my R171 wrapped in gloss white by Customised Graphics who done a sterling job. The car was originally black. I have the 16 spoke AMG wheels, was thinking getting them sprayed in a satin black with polished rim but from the sound of it the polished rim isn't possible. Or maybe a...
  8. Jim G

    Weistec E63 Finished Video @ MSL

    Link to the finished article from MSL and Premiere Pictures Many thanks lads a great job all round, the install and the video :thumb:
  9. R

    Finished (Ready for the new season)

    Well it was a sunny day and so I did it all again using AG products and I also put my summer wheels on :) PS. No machines were used, just elbow grease! Reflections :) Side shot Rear Summer wheels Engine Bay New Garage layout :)
  10. hondo

    Finished at last

    After what started as a quick respray which I thought would take me around a Mnth of nights and weekends turned in2 a 6 Mnth marathon after severing the tendon on my right thumb which rendered my right hand useless 4 13 weeks ,here's some pics
  11. Amg82

    C43 finally finished!! All mods done

    Hi guys I'll put up some pics in a while but I finally completed my c43, I've had parts lying around for a while, but only got my rear blind from Germany last week , for 165 euros and about 30 emails confirming I would arrange courier to collect!!! 1. Dimming rear view mirror Piss...
  12. M

    finished vinyl wrap pictures

    mine and my mates handy work on his brothers lupo. the second car we have done now. wrapped in anthracite matt vehicle vinyl
  13. Borys

    Dodge nearly finished

    Thought I would share Will do some more pics over the weekend if any interest also sound clip to follow Hope you guys like it
  14. Darrell

    Hooray, we have finished

    After 168 days of working 18 hours a day we have closed the bar and we are done for summer 2012.:D Our Dutch guests leave at 8am tommorrow. The last flights leave Skiathos on Saturday and then we shut the door and switch off the lights. Despite all the problems with the Greek economy we have...
  15. D

    And now my C124 230CE Finished

    Well, they're never really "finished" are they but.... Mercedes C124 230CE For Sale - BMW Classics Ezine - News, Reviews & Cars for Sale
  16. D

    My 190E 2.6 finished

    BMW Classics Ezine - Photo Gallery (don't want to fall foul of any sale resrictions here...but if anyone wants to read a full description of the car they can by entering my website via its 'front door' :thumb: )
  17. KillerHERTZ

    My W202 is finally finished!

    Well, until I think of the next mod! Couple of pictures of my car as of Summer 2011 - 147k on the clock :bannana: -C43 AMG Bodykit compete - yes really! -Wheelarch & underbody, jacking points, door sills rust removed and weather proofed with Dynax & Waxoyl -W210 Blinking, Folding, Dimming...
  18. Alex

    My car is finally finished

    It is 2004 ML55 AMG with 52k miles. Bought last year bone stock. Took almost a year to complete. List of mods: Inside - New OEM floor carpet - D:Class Alcantara Headliner and Pillars - Interior plastic parts colour coded to match alcantara - OEM AMG Illuminated Door Sills - BRABUS...
  19. Gareth

    My watercooled build finished

    Spec: Corsair 800D Case Corsair AX1200 PSU ASUS Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Intel i7 950 CPU 12GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000Mhz Memory Corsair Airflow & Airflow Pro Memory Fans/LED Readout EVGA Hydro Copper 2 FTW 580 GTX GPU (Watercooled) Creative Labs XFi Titanium Soundcard 1 x Corsair...
  20. Sonny Burnett

    Been Gone a While, finally have the 210 Finished

    hi everyone havent posted in ages been crazy busy...finally got nicks carlsson 3/6 rims fitted im running 285 profiles on the rear so there is a bit of rubbing so ima streatch some 255s on it when i get around to it.. looking for a e55 rear soon enough. and next year might buy a donor e55 and...
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