1. grober

    W124 need finishing.

    FOR SALE W124 COUPE new engine, needs some minor cosmetic body work! [YOUTUBE HD]WcVaWm7eaYc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. B

    Alloy finishing ruined on my C63 from Main Dealer

    Bought my C63 saloon on a 59 plate from Brighton AMG centre back in end of April It came with the 19inch multispoke alloys. I believe these are meant to have a machined polish finish? Upon doing some research amd after Slightly nipping the kerb I have realised that my alloys have been...
  3. flango

    Finishing Touches

    Well as I've had a day sorting my pals car mechanically I thought I would do the little finishing touches to mine that I've been promising to do, the 2 most important being.
  4. edgejedi

    Paint touch ups? Finishing/laquer?

    I have some minor areas of the car that need paint touch ups due to discolouration/marks....Ive used the MB standard silver paint but of course once on its always gonna look flat, so just wondered what the best finishing would be - some kind of lacquer?? Sorry for appearing dumb, just want to...
  5. D

    w124 e220 convertible with new mot long tax p.plate 5k need finishing bargains!

    L13 RAR n mercedes e 220 w124 convertible cabriolet N/R on eBay (end time 15-Jun-11 22:24:54 BST)
  6. NW_Merc

    Would you touch another project without finishing a previous one?

    I am very tempted to buy an SEC seeing as jay and Nav have done so well to mod theirs. I have seen one advertised but am wondering whether I should finish my mods on my W202 before I begin another. What does the panel think?
  7. LeighW

    A splendid finishing touch to your Merc

    How tasteful. :D :eek:
  8. mercmanuk

    oak door finishing

    have we any french polishers on the site or anyone with knowledge of the best finish to apply to oak doors,fitting oak doors and fancy either waxing or polishing them rather than staining or varnishing.not bothered about the time envolved as long as the finished effect is right.internal door...
  9. Howard

    The finishing touch for all you AMG owners... Style doesn't come easily ...... :rolleyes:
  10. B

    Finishing touches

    Hi Guys, Have got new shape 209 CLK conv with AMG body kit need to fit twin AMG exhaust any ideas. Kind of new to this also have comand with dvd what is the best way of getting TV via comand? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. BJAZZZ.
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