1. lisa110rry

    Unresponsive script and Firefox plug ins

    I can't work out why this website freezes repeatedly while viewing this site and this site only. I get a dialog box entitled "unresponsive script" and the usual continue, stop script, etc options. I have to go into task manager and delete a programme called "plug in container for Firefox". This...
  2. N

    Firefox: Updated & have lost tab close button on end.

    Updated to the latest version of FF the other day & my preference for a tab close button on the RH end has vanished, leaving me with a close button on every tab. Did the about:config > browser.tabs.closeButtons > 3 thing & no change. Actually it was already (still?) on 3. Anyone know how to...
  3. Piff

    Firefox problems

    I have windows XP and Firefox as my interweb browser. About a week ago Firefox re-installed or reset itself while I was away from the pc. It had reset (I guess) to default settings. Pain in the ar*e when you are used to it being set up how you want it for the last few years. It had lost all...
  4. brucemillar

    Mozilla Firefox browsing gone all wrong

    Folks When I go into Google on Mozilla Firefox and try to go to MBclub on my laptop I am getting re-directed to random sites (not naughty) predominantly ebay. The same is true for other searches. Any clues what I need to do? MS Security Essentials says no issues found.
  5. vijilants

    Why is Firefox 7 so bloody awful ?

    I initially started using Firefox some time back as it was lightweight, didn't take up too much CPU or memory, and was fairly easy to use. Last week I upgraded to Firefox 7 and bitterly regret it. :doh::doh::doh: The program is extremely CPU intensive and is basically near unusable if you have...
  6. N

    XP, Firefox 4, pages not filling screen.

    Recently had my pc reformatted & ever since a lot of pages do not fill the screen. They have quite large white borders or the downloaded page site on one side of my screen with a big blank white area & because of this (?) the font size is too small. I've tried Zoom in (which is crap) but that...
  7. corned

    Firefox 4 problems

    Hi all. I'm having a lot of trouble with Firefox 4. Previously on 3.6.17, and no issues at all, the upgrade is terrible! The pages load faster than 3.6, and 'in flight' it seems better than before. However. I just can't live with the 5 or 6 minutes it will take on shutdown to stop...
  8. Chrishazle - Firefox Security thing?

    Anyone know anything about this? I routinely use Firefox, and jave Kaspersky Internet Security installed. A pop-up window appeared saying Firefox had detected a security threat to my PC. The address at the top was I closed that, and another opened saying 2Your...
  9. corned

    IE and Firefox connectivity issue

    Hi all, Here's one for you. My son's laptop started up this morning and went straight into disc check mode. It is running Vista Home. It found a corrupt file and deleted it (so my missus said), and restarted. It restarted successfully and she tried to start Firefox to go browsing. It never...
  10. Chattonmill

    Firefox Default settings please!

    I may have been fiddling with things I shouldnt have:rolleyes: and I may have made my internet look really awful:dk:, now I would like to set firefox back to the way it was and would be grateful if someone could tell me the settings under : Tools-Options-Advanced fonts and colours. I promise not...
  11. grober

    Firefox 3.6 available NOW

    As of 5.30pm-- ish FIREFOX 3.6 is now available for download.:thumb: You can use the check for updates option in thehelpdrop down menu. Initial impressions are its slightly faster but time will tell.:rolleyes:
  12. verytalldave

    Firefox advice please

    Hi.........Just updated to Firefox version 3.5.5 Only problem is that it always opens a tab with a "thanks for installing Firefox version 3.5 welcome" screen BEFORE the tab for the Google browser. I cant seem to stop this tab from opening every time in use Firefox now. Its more annoying than...
  13. N

    Transfer bookmarks from firefox to I.E

    Hi Guys Realy fed up with b----y Firefox it did an upgrade yesterday and when it re-booted all my bookmarks had gone. I always make a couple of backup HDD's so I have put one in and now I want to transfer all my bookmarks from Firefox to I.E so I can get shot of Firefox for good because it is...
  14. Ade B

    Explorer 8 vs Firefox

    Just switched back to Explorer on my new Asus laptop after having all sorts of issues with Firefox (was getting lock ups and erratic Logmein behaviour..) Explorer 8 twice as fast and machine now stable it seems.. I used to prefer Firefox as it was allegedly less prone to attack and was not...
  15. R

    Browser software: Firefox hesitation

    Has anyone found a solution to the problem of Firefox (3.0.11) hesitating for seconds before responding to mouse clicks? I've searched the Web and can find nothing but frustrated users and one or two reports of "no solution". Windows XP SP2 firewall is on and there is no interference from a...
  16. N

    Can't see 'Edit', 'Quote' etc in Firefox.

    I use Firefox & have for years with no problems. Since the forum upgrade I am unable to see 'Edit', 'Quote' etc & the great majority of photos on the site. I can see all of this stuff when I use IE. Any ideas as to what's up & how to resolve this while still being able to use Firefox? TIA.
  17. Dryce

    Norton vs Firefox

    Had a call this morning from a friend who couldn't browse after Firefox updated itself to 3.0.4. So after being stupid enough to get involved in this timewasting exercise it turned out only Firefox was failing - moreover it was able to resolve the website DNS but couldn't connect. Firefox...
  18. robert.saunders

    Firefox - no more bookmarks!

    Grrrr, just had a weekend away, come home to blessed laptop (Dell Vista :eek:) and Firefox (ver 3.0.1) ain't running right, all bookmarks gone AWOL and just running weird in general - can't go back-page for example. Chrome isn't stable enough yet, I hate IE, what a to-do!!!!!
  19. N

    Firefox - Bookmarks Gone. Help!

    I left my PC on Stand By last night & it appears a new version of Firefox has installed itself over night. About 2/3 of my Bookmarks have disappeared. Dozens & dozens of sites have vanished & I know I'll never remember all of them. Does anyone know how to get them back?
  20. guydewdney

    firefox and pdf's

    cant open pdf links in firefox - have to right click link, save and use ie - how do i fix this? oh - downloaded ext, re-started FF, done the tools/options/manage/change action and pointed pdf files to adobe reader.... just get the blank page...
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