1. B

    R107 bulkhead / firewall rust. Has anyine repaired it? Need help pls

    Hello I am trying to repair my '73 450SL but it is getting the better if me. If anyone has repaired the firewall rust, please let me know how you did it. I have repairable rust in the plenum chamber and I don't need the bulkhead kit. I do have rust in the 2 layers of metal in front of it...
  2. S

    running a amp from the battery through the firewall

    Hi guys I just got a 1994 220 te estate and was wondering if anyone had any idear how to get the 12v feed from the battery to the amp that I am installing in the boot, through the firewall. I cannot find a way through
  3. Benzowner

    Windows Firewall

    I recently checked on the Windows Firewall on the pc's in work, and now ar home, and on all of them the windows firewall was turned off. Tell me, this is not correct.
  4. anarchy-inc


    I've got a Snooper S6R and I'd like to finally mount the "R" part in the engine bay. For those who don't know the S6 has a separate radar detector whic can be mounted anywhere, it even comes with a bracket so it can be mounted near the grill. The problem is, where can I feed the wire through...
  5. andy_cyp


    Is it true thst if you connect to the net via a wireless router there is no need for a firewall on your pc as modern routers have an integrated firewall built in. Can someone verify this please as ive unistalled my nortons firewall as to instructions from tech guy. TIA
  6. V

    Silver engine bay firewall, sound deadening stuff

    I'm doing up an old Merc at the moment and as I have the engine out, I was wondering where I can get that aluminium sound deadening material that sticks to the back of the engine bay from?....the existing stuff is pretty shabby and could do with being replaced Any idea who stocks this sort of...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Linksys WAG54G - Firewall sufficient?

    I currently use a USB ADSL "Modem" and Zonealarm (regualr free one) and am happy with th eprotection. I have ordered a Linksys WAG54G (through recommendation from Sym and Flyer). I plan to use the device for direct internet access wired from a desktop, my xbox and wireless from a laptop...
  8. Ted

    Cisco Pix firewall

    I'm trying to set up a static nat translation through a pix 515e firewall.... outside firewall interface is inside I'm trying to do a nat from to I've tried setting this up from the pdm, but it doesn't seem to work. command line...
  9. Ian B Walker

    Firewall advice please

    I have just had to re install everything on my computer and have in the past used ZoneLabs firewall. This product has served me ok in the past but has its limitations, is there a better one? Using XP pro on a steam driven system (means its old )
  10. MyFirstMerc

    Firewall, Antivirus and etc software freebie

    Hi all, Thought it would be nice to share the info. with the members. Computer associates has recently give away 1 year free subscription for EZ Armor (consist of Antivirus,firewall and deskshield) to the public running on Microsoft Windows. You need to register with them first before...
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