1. Z

    Misfire/Hesitatation/just not firing after rain

    2001 ML320 V6 Hi guys, as above, after a period of rain when the car is parked, and i drive away, its very lumpy and seems like its misfiring, after a while the car shoots forward like i hit the NOS button!! After much reflection and a trip to my local garage who reads the codes, it appears...
  2. jfhuk

    Surging and miss firing after MOT.

    My E350 was in for its MOT on Tuesday, which it passed. Since then though it's been surging and miss firing particularly when the engine is cold. I realise it could be a coincidence, but is there anything that the MOT could have done to cause this sort of issue? As prior to the test it was fine.
  3. Lenny63

    How to turn engine over without starting (firing)

    Hi My c43 has been sitting for 6months now unstarted in storage Is there a way I can disconnect the spark to stop engine firing up , to allow a few cranks to get oil flowing / build oil pressure ? My first thoughts were to remove the fuel pump fuse ? Any help appreciated Lenny
  4. A

    engine miss firing

    How can I detect a mis fire on a 6 cylinder twin spark v6 w202 c240
  5. H

    Mis firing 1991 230te

    Hi, My 1991 230TE has just started misfiring. It shakes and judders and loses power. This only seems to happen when the engine warms up though. I took it to a local garage and they changed the spark plugs which did improve it slightly but the problem still persists. Has anyone got any...
  6. E

    Firing on 3 cylinders...

    ...instead of 4. How can you find the one that isn't firing?
  7. jimmymidnight

    W215 CL500 not firing

    Hello, drove my CL to my local doctors, parked up for about 15 minutes, and then when I went to restart it it just kept ticking over and over but not firing... I had to wait about half an hour before it finally started but now the engine management light is on. I've looked up and the common...
  8. S

    clk firing on three cylinders only

    After only ten minutes of use my clk 200 starts firing on three cylinders only. I noticed someone had this problem before (simon22) and wondered if it was resolved ?.
  9. H

    Back Firing problem

    Please help I changed the spark plugs on my C180 2000 w202 the other day and took i for drive to to make sure everything was ok. The car seemed fine so took it onto local bypass and put the foot down the revs climbed steadily to about 4000 rev and would not go any further it appeared to be...
  10. RaceDiagnostics

    firing on only 7 out of 8 cylinders SL450 R107

    Went through leads 1 to 7 and there was a very percievable drop in rpm when pulled off. On cylinnder 8, only a virtually impercievable change. Checked leads, ok, and pulled out the plug, it looks ok, see below. Next I went in search of a colourtune plug I bought 25 yeas ago but couldn't find...
  11. R

    mis firing

    hi Some advice would be very helpfull when you first start the car it appears to run only on the one bank ,when the temp reaches 40+ you can stop the car switch off and re start and it will run fine,if you do not restart the car will coninue to run on one bank
  12. japimport

    firing order

    hi just want to ask does anyone know the firing order for 95 c 200 please thanks for your help
  13. jadefox

    do I have to wait before firing up??!

    I just had this really random thought, and you'll all know how blonde I am when I ask it - but....Old diesels use to have a little light on the dash which had to turn off before you fired them the new ones have that too? After driving a petrol for so long I haven't even given that a...
  14. P

    Cylinder Firing Order

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody knows the firing order on a 112, 2400cc V6 engine. Mine has developed rough idling and I've been told that cylinders two and five are misfiring. The plugs have been replaced but this had made no difference. My specialist says that the coils on these two...
  15. M

    W124 260E 1990 Not firing!!!

    I'm at a total loss. My 260E has died. She turns over strong and there's definately voltage to the HT leads (ran a strobe timer.) I've changed Fuel Pump Relay as the (clever) AA man said it will be that. All the fuses are fine. I can hear the fuel pump start and other bits and pieces spring...
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