1. M

    Update firmware on command NTG 2.5

    Hi I'm trying to work out my best option. On upgrading a command 2.5 I've heard that MB dealers do it free when you qoute this a the service dept TIPS document number GI82.85-P-046208. Has anyone had any success with this is /was there a time limit Also I came across this thread that I...
  2. G

    Update firmware costs!!!

    I paid a visit to my mercedes dealer yesterday and wanted to know how much to update the firmware on my car. The cost they wanted was £160! they charge £100 for the license of the disc and then £60-100 for the engineers labour. I have tried specialist garages but they don't have a copy of the...
  3. Drewpy

    B class '09 plate firmware upgrade

    Evening all, Just want to clarify before I contact the local MB dealer; Just checked my comand in engineering mode and the firmware is 08.37 version. I have just bought the car (2 weeks) and assume it would have had its MB servicing done (no paper record though) Am I right to have comand...
  4. Max Shine

    Audio 50 APS Firmware Update

    As the title suggests, is there a Firmware Update available? I have a 2012 W212 E220.
  5. R

    Mercedes C220 W204 Audio 50 Sat Nav issues

    Hi there, having a bit of problem with my Sat Nav and wondering if anyone can help. Excuse my ignorance if i get any of this wrong. So my disc is not being recognised. It is an original, not a fake. Asks me to insert disc in tray 6, then does not register. The disc is the original disc...
  6. M

    Ntg 2.5 firmware versions

    MB had my 09 SL in to update the command firmware and maps today, they tell me that they have updated the firmware to the latest version but need a map disc which they have had to order to complete the job, but as I'm unable to find Eco Route or other new features that apparently come with the...
  7. C

    Sat Nav / Command Firmware Update Issues

    Hello everyone! I am a new member here. My name is Andy and I have been a Mercedes fan from afar for a while now. Not anymore! I have looked at quite a few threads about sat nav issues but none of them quite seem to address my problem. Here we go then....... I collected my 2003 W211 e320cdi...
  8. H

    Command APS Firmware Identification

    Hi I am just trying to work out what Firmware version the Command APS in my 57 plate E280 CDi has and whether it needs updating. The ETA is always displayed at the bottom of the screen and the Traffic Annoucements have a bad habit of cutting in whether TA mode is on or off. Is there a simple...
  9. M

    Comand Firmware upgarde!

    Hi, I have just updated my Navigation on W204, NTG4 to 2014/2015. Just wondered, do I need to update my firmware and if so how would I do it? Do I need to take it to MB Dealers? I updated the maps myself with a CD I brought from EBAY, but just not sure if I would need to update the firmware...
  10. 00ormes

    Firmware update for ntg 4 w212 hdd

    Hi there can anyone help me I have recently bought a 2010 w212 e250 with NTG4. Im looking to update the firmware but not having much luck fin find out how without going to a main dealer :fail Any ideas :confused: Cheers :rock::rock:
  11. R

    Firmware upgrade for Audio 20

    hello - still new to Merc world so would appreciate any help. I gather upgrading Audio 20 firmware may allow audio streaming for my 12 plate E220. I was wondering if this is something can be done by downloading the firmware and loading it via cd/dvd or does it need an expert to do so? is...
  12. aquanaut

    Latest firmware &

    Maps versions for Comand ntg 4.5 please. Hello, I have a 2012 c63 and as the maps and Comand have never been updated. Can someone please tell me the latest versions of both? Thanks
  13. Herishi

    Ecu firmware version list

    Guys I'm going to get my car put in fora health check, and I was going to see it my ecu firmware is the latest version. I know how to get the version that is currently in my car up on the display so my question is does anyone have a list of current firmware releases? I'm after knowing for an...
  14. merc350cdi

    couple of questions

    Anyone know how to bring up the info on my NTG4 comand to find out what firmware its running?, also any info on purchasing and programming a key would be useful many thanks
  15. seandynan

    List of W204 firmware fixes/features?

    Is there a list of various fixes or features for each version of W204 firmware updates?
  16. seandynan

    5-digit postcodes solved by updating maps?

    Hi all I have just bought a 2010 W204 C-Class and its COMAND only understands 5-digit postcodes. Would updating to the latest maps solve this or does it also need a separate firmware update? And if it needs a firmware update, how do I do it? Thanks.
  17. Skeeno

    Firmware update

    Had my 12 plate C63 coupe serviced today and asked for a firmware update along with the maps and was expecting the screen display on the command to change colour to the later silver screen?? But it's still the same, was I wrong to think it would change?
  18. wongl

    NTG 2.5 Firmware update procedure

    A fellow member of this forum has a NTG 2.5 from a 2008 car that is in need of a firmware update before he can update the maps. I have a star computer (version 2010) and I managed to source a firmware update disk for the NTG 2.5 from a dealership in Germany. Question is, what is the...
  19. R

    NTG1 Firmware update.

    Hello all ok here's my second post so bear with me on this:wallbash: I am now the proud owner 2004 cdi320 w211 and I looked to see what Nav was in the DVD drive and its the original disc 2004. After a lot of research I ended up at this site:- Daimler AG - Service & Parts net Followed the...
  20. V

    Firmware upgrade

    Just about to take my CLS in for its free firmware upgrade but what exactly should I expect? The car has never been updated since it was built in 2008.
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